Strength Training for Runners, Interview with Jason Fitzgerald

In this episode we talk with coach and fellow podcaster Jason Fitzgerald about the wrong and right ways to do strength training when preparing for a marathon.

And in this episode’s quick tip we share recommendations on sunglasses for runners.

Jason Fitzgerald is the founder of and the Strength Running podcast which we were just on recently (Jason interviewed us about marathon training for beginners). He ran competitively in college and is a USATF certified coach. He lives with his family in Colorado.

In this interview you will hear the compelling case for why you should be doing strength training, common mistakes people make and how to do it the right way. Jason knows his stuff and we know this episode will be a huge help!

If you are interested in learning how to use weight lifting for strength and power Jason has a great program called High Performance Lifting. There are four phases he works you through and it’s all demonstrated on video.

Quick Tip: Sunglass Recommendations for Runners

Since I don’t usually wear sunglasses while running I turned to the awesome people in our private Academy Facebook group to get their advice.  Here are their top suggestions:

Roka! Stylish and highly functional! I have two styles. My husband uses his pair for every day outdoor activities in addition to running. Emily

It’s a love hate for me…haven’t found a brand that doesn’t collect sweat on the inside of the lenses eventually blurring my vision during long runs….that said usually wear Spy Optics….somewhere in the range of $40 – $60 cuz I can’t stand spending more on sunglasses. Tom

I wear prescription glasses and mine are Ray-Ban wayfarers. When I have races or long runs that start before the sun is out they ride on top of my head nicely without me worrying about losing them. Marty

And we had numerous runners recommend the brand Goodr! I didn’t even know I needed/wanted running sunglasses until I received these as a gift – they’re super lightweight and come in fun colors!

Also Mentioned in This Episode

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