Smart Pacing Strategies in the Marathon

In this episode we discuss smart pacing strategies with Coach Steve Waldon -one of our coaches here at MTA and a 3:30 pacer at the New York City Marathon. You will hear how to establish goals, the tricks to pacing (tools and tips), how to adjust mid-race, and how to get through the tough later miles!

Coach Steve Waldon is a RRCA Certified Running Coach and a 3:30 pacer at the New York City Marathon. He’s a 2:53 marathoner with over 25 marathon finishes, nine 50 mile finishes, and two 100Ks. He also completed the Atacama Desert Crossing -155 mile self-supported stage race.

Topics/Questions Covered in this Discussion

  • Common mistakes people make
  • Choosing an appropriate pace
  • What if you start out too fast?
  • Adjusting Mid-Race
  • The reliability of our GPS watches
  • What to do in the later miles
  • What about run/walkers
  • What does it take to become a pacer at NYC Marathon?

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