Pete Kostelnick, Self-Supported Run from Alaska to Florida!

Pete Kostelnick was looking for a way to unlock his wildest dreams so he ran from Kenai, Alaska to Key West, Florida. He set out to accomplish this as a self-supported run, pushing all of his gear in a jogging stroller.

He began on July 31st and reached Key West on November 5th. In this interview you will hear how he got into long distance running ten years ago. Why he decided to take the adventure of a lifetime, and how he managed to pull it off. Enjoy!

Pete Kostelnick is a 31 year old ultrarunner from Iowa (currently living in Ohio) who holds the world record for fastest coast-to-coast crossing of the United States by foot -a record he set in 2016. He crossed in 42 days, six hours and 30 minutes . . . beating the previous record of 46 days, 8 hours, and 36 minutes set by Frank Gianinno Jr. in 1980.

Pete is also a two time winner of the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon in Death Valley and set the current course record there.

Stats from Pete’s Alaska to Florida Run

From Pete’s Feat Across America FB Page

  • Start point: Anchor Point, AK
  • End point: Key West, FL
  • Total Miles 5,390.76 miles (when mileage is added to the hundredths)
 distance in kilometers is 8675.58
  • 97 days 6 hours 57 min

  • Daily average: 55 miles
. (88.5 kilometers)
  • Total elevation gain: 175,301 ft (that’s 6 Mt. Everests)
Highest elevation gain run: 5,034 ft Day 6 in Alaska

  • Lowest elevation gain run: 238 ft Day 96 in Florida
Total moving time: 969 hours 32 min

  • Highest mileage run: 93.22 miles Day 24 in Yukon

  • Lowest mileage day: 0 Day 23 in Yukon (only 0 day due to wildfire)
Highest mileage state: Alaska 622 miles
Lowest mileage state: Kentucky 110 miles

photo credit: Pete Kostelnick

photo credit: Pete Kostelnick

photo credit: Pete Kostelnick

Pete Kostelnick

photo credit: Pete Kostelnick

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