Eva Fabian Posts Open Letter About Wetsuit Use at FINA Open Water World Cup

Photo Courtesy: Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today Sports Images

On the eve of the FINA Open Water World Cup stop in Setubal, Portugal, American Eva Fabian posted an open letter to her Facebook page regarding the potential use of wetsuits in the 10k race.

Fabian wrote about some of the core issues related to the new FINA regulations regarding wetsuits. Specifically, Fabian is concerned that wetsuits would be allowed or mandated if only one spot on the race course was cold enough while other spots of water plus the air temperature are far too high for wetsuit use.

She also worries that making wetsuits optional would give athletes that choose to wear them a huge advantage over athletes that might opt out for fear of overheating.

Read the full text of Fabian’s full letter below.

An Open letter to FINA World Cup Race Officials who asked for athlete feedback regarding the use of wetsuits for FINA 10K open water races:

The Technical meeting for the FINA World Cup Race in Portugal today indicated that FINA is unprepared to make a decision about how to use the temperature information obtained at a venue in conjunction with their new Wetsuit rule.

1) For example, when there are different temperatures at different places in the course, do they use an average temperature, or select the lowest? This scenario was presented by coaches to officials, who said the lowest temperature is the deciding value. The coaches then stated their concern about a situation where the majority of the course was too warm to use wetsuits, but one spot might be cooler. Coaches and athletes were in shock to hear that in the hypothetical scenario with 6 temperatures taken on different locations in the course, if 5 measurements were 28C but 1 measurement (the lowest) was 18C, then FINA would adhere to the lowest temperature and declare a wetsuit mandatory race.

2) Coaches asked to see this ruling, and were told that the rule didn’t exist, but that nevertheless the official was making the decision to use this format for determining whether it was a wetsuit race or not.

3) The coaches unanimously agreed that using the average temperature would be the most safe method of determining the temperature of the course. FINA resisted and declared that 6 temperatures were to be taken, and the lowest used as the determining factor. For example, the majority of the swim tomorrow will take place under the hot sun with an air temperature of 28-30C, and will be swum in water that will likely be above the optional wetsuit temperature range (at or above 20 deg C) with only a very small segment within the optional wetsuit range.

4) The coaches believed overheating was the most overriding health concern for the athletes. The only known incident in the sport came from overheating, not cool water. In 2010, American athlete Fran Crippen died during a FINA world cup circuit race in the UAE, a race that was held under extreme heat conditions. It is demeaning and insulting that FINA is ignoring the concerns of coaches and athletes pertaining to overheating yet again.

5) One coach said it was disgusting that FINA would ask athletes and coaches to choose between athlete safety and professional success, as a wetsuit “option” isn’t an option if you want to be competitive. As FINA officials stated in the meeting, wetsuits are a major buoyancy advantage and swimmers simply swam faster in them.

6) There is another aspect of FINA races potentially involving wetsuits that has not been well thought out: pre-race numbering. Athletes and coaches were informed that the wetsuit needed to be worn when athletes were receiving numbers on their body prior to the race. This is a potentially dangerous plan in that it requires athletes to put on and wear their wetsuits for approximately 45 minutes to one hour before the race in the 28-30C weather. There will be no air conditioned tents available. This could contribute to a potential situation with overheating before the athletes even begin the competition.

7) Air temperature is also an important factor in athlete safety during races. Wearing a full body covering suit made of neoprene, especially in 30C weather, is a safety concern. FINA did not agree to take the air temperature into consideration even though it can contribute to overheating in a 2 hour marathon event.

8) FINA stated that this race was to be an “experiment” with how wetsuits affect the physiology and performance of athletes when the water temperature is borderline too warm for wetsuits (or above the wetsuit range in 5 out of 6 temperature measurements) and the air temperature is hot. “Experimenting” on professional athletes during important races in their careers, putting their lives in danger… that isn’t what sports are about. That isn’t a standard to aspire to.

I agree and am glad that FINA is seeking feedback from athletes and coaches about competitions involving wetsuits. However, after the technical meeting today, it is apparent that there are a lot of untested variables that potentially impact athlete safety that were not considered when making this new wetsuit rule. I hope FINA will address these concerns and put athlete safety first.

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Next Generation Pushing Men’s Breaststroke Events At USA Swimming Nationals

Michael Andrew Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The men’s breaststroke events are shaping up to be one of the deepest and most competitive events at next week’s USA Swimming Nationals in Indianapolis, but one of the most interesting things to watch may not be who ends up on top of the podium, but who is right behind.

While Josh Prenot, Kevin Cordes, Will Licon, and others have been the standard bearers for the United States at the collegiate and international level, we have also seen a new crew of American breaststrokers rising with them who seemed poised to make the jump to the next level of competition.

Reece Whitley

Photo Courtesy: USA Swimming – Reece Whitley Setting a New National Age Group Record

One of those young rising stars is Reece Whitley, who just verbally committed to swim at Cal last week. The 17-year old broke both national independent high school short course yard breaststroke records this year, with his best long course times standing at 1:00.95 and 2:11.30. While he has been steadily improving in the short course pool, Whitley is due for a drop in long course – he hasn’t had a significant drop in either event since he was 15.

Whitley will go into the meet seeded seventh in the 200 with a 2:12.58, just behind fellow 17-year old Daniel Roy of King Aquatic Club. Roy is seeded with a 2:12.17, and was 2:12.84 just a couple months ago at the Mesa stop of the Arena Pro Swim Series. That is nearly three seconds faster than Whitley has been this year, so don’t be surprised to see Roy challenging for a spot on the podium given his strong in-season swim in Mesa.

A third 17-year old, Michael Andrew, is going into Nationals as the 9th seed in the 200 breast with a 2:13.90, but Andrew realistically has the best shot of all three to get himself on the World team. Andrew is seeded third in the 100 breast (59.82), well ahead of Whitley (10th) and Roy (16th). He also has a chance to make the Worlds Team in the 50 breast if he wins the event, which he admitted in Mesa has been a focus going into this summer.

As we head into a new Olympic quad don’t be surprised to see any of these young swimmers make a move towards the top of the podium as they work to take over as the next generation of American breaststrokers. You can view the entire psych sheet for next week’s Phillips 66 National Championships here.

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Travelers Championship: Jordan Spieth leads by one shot at River Highlands

Jordan Spieth

Travelers Championship, second round
-8 J Spieth (US); -7 T Merritt (US), P Reed (US); -6 W Bryan (US), D Summerhays (US), C Seiffert (US)
Selected others: -5 P Harrington (Ire); -4 P Casey (Eng); -1 R Knox (Sco); Even: R McIlroy (NI); +1 L Donald (Eng); +2 J Day (Aus)
Full leaderboard

American Jordan Spieth leads by one shot after the second round of the Travelers Championship in Connecticut.

Spieth, the Masters and US Open champion in 2015, mixed four birdies with a bogey and a double bogey for a one-under-par 69 on Friday, moving to eight under par overall.

One shot behind him is countryman Troy Merritt, who shot a two-under-par 68.

But Rory McIlroy’s struggles continued with five bogeys and two birdies in a three-over-par 73.

Northern Ireland’s four-time major winner trails Spieth by eight shots at River Highlands.

Ireland’s Padraig Harrington scored two birdies and one bogey for a one-under-par 69 and remains three shots behind Spieth.

While England’s Paul Casey finished on two under par with 68 and is one shot further back overall.

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Kris Gethin Is On The Starting Line!

For the last seven weeks, we’ve followed Kris Gethin’s every set, rep, and step in his hybrid bodybuilder-and-triathlon video series Man of Iron. But we’re no longer the only ones! Just days before he undertakes his biggest challenge yet, a half Ironman, Gethin went on the local news in the northern Idaho town of Coeur d’Alene to talk about his training, his mad race-prep experiments—no AC at home, anyone?—and the unique charity you may not have known he’s been helping all along.

Kris Gethin Television Q&A
Watch the video: 05:48

Kris’ race takes place this Sunday, June 25. You can follow it live on the Ironman site for the race, or just wait a few weeks to watch the adventure unfold in Man of Iron. If you’d like to contribute to the Unique Home for Girls, the India-based orphanage that Kris helps to support, visit his JustGiving page.

Also available: View the Fox 28 TV interview with Kris Gethin.

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Editor's Picks: Adorn Your Athletic Body

1. Flag Nor Fail Pullover

Recommended by Jeff O’Connell, chief content officer

Flag Nor Fail Pullover

Dana Linn Bailey and her husband, Rob Bailey, have a no-holds-barred approach to training and life that has spawned a wildly successful lifestyle brand, Flag Nor Fail. While this phrase, meaning never surrender or lose, is a little obtuse, it’s stitched on some of the best-looking workout apparel around. It’s hard to choose only one item from their array of tees, trucker hats, tanks, and duffle bags, but my favorite is this stylish pullover with a fitted body and tons of stretch. Rob wears a 2X while DLB rocks an XS; all manner of gains can be accommodated, though. To date, they’ve had the good sense not to offer a fitness RompHim.

2. Callous Guard Gripper Gloves

Recommended by Heather Eastman, content editor

Callous Guard Gripper Gloves

I’ve never been a fan of workout gloves…until now. Designed to cover only the most damage-prone area of the hand, the Callous Guard workout gloves from Fit Four are tough to beat. Perfect for the adventurous competitor or avid lifter, these gloves have a silicone texture to help with gripping without getting in the way. Use them for everything from heavy deadlifts to repetitive pull-ups to all-out rope climbs. These nifty little gloves are a must-have for athletes who want to improve their skills and save their hands.

3. Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

Recommended by Karen McGinty, editorial manager

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

Finally, a plus-size sports bra that looks great and keeps the girls in place without flattening out your gorgeous curves! The Shefit’s “Xsmall” to “6Luxe,” options fit 30-52-inch busts and A-I cups. The patented three-way adjustment at the front, back, and shoulders provides a perfect fit every time for every body type, and you can convert the straps from X-back to over-the-shoulder. The zip-front closure is easy to reach for noncontortionists and provides total lockdown when running or jumping without trying to squish you into a flat, overpriced training bra. Rock your curves at the gym in four different colors without sacrificing comfort or style!

4. Animal Iconic Tee Red

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Animal Iconic Tee, Red

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5. Athleta Zimbabwe One-Piece

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Athleta Zimbabwe One-Piece

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Castroviejo overcomes injury, mechanical to reclaim Spanish title – News shorts

Movistar’s Jonathan Castroviejo reclaimed the Spanish time trial title in Soria on Friday, topping Team Sky’s Mikel Landa by more than a minute.

While the result is not remarkable in light of Castroviejo’s prowess in the discipline, as European champion and a three-time Spanish champion, it is impressive considering he is still suffering pain in his ribs from a crash on stage 2 of the Tour de Suisse, and had a mechanical that forced him to change bikes during his race.

“I had to withdraw from the Tour de Suisse with that pain in my stomach, which made me difficult to absorb any food I ate, but my condition – as shown on the opening TT – was really good,” Castroviejo said. “I spent three days completely off the bike and got back to it searching for those good sensations, then I started thinking about this championship. It was both a test on how I was doing on the bike before the Tour and also a bid for that third title.”

The 43km route, Castroviejo said, was “incredibly tough” with strong winds, high heat and constant undulations. His race came to a halt briefly when he suffered a mechanical and had to switch bikes, leaving him without the power meter for reference. “I had to use my instinct, but managed myself well over the second half of the race. I think the gaps were really made on that part, with such strong headwinds. It’s a distance which suits me well, I always do great at TTs lasting roughly an hour.”

Castroviejo’s victory was Movistar’s only win in the various national championships that have run so far. Nelson Oliveira was unable to start the championships in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal because, the team says, his start time was changed without sufficient notice. Daniele Bennati dropped out of the Italian time trial, and Alex Dowsett was defeated by Steven Cummings for the British title on the Isle of Man.

Jasha Sütterlin’s second place to Tony Martin in Germany, just 15 seconds behind the world champion, was the team’s other bright spot on the day.

Zakarin wins Russian time trial title

Ilnur Zakarin came off his post-Giro d’Italia break with surprising form, winning the elite time trial title at the Russian National Championships in Voronezh on Friday.

Zakarin last claimed a national title in 2013, when he won the time trial, and was surprised to take his second victory. He beat teammate Maxim Belkov by 52 seconds, with Gazprom-Rusvelo’s Anton Vorobyev a close third, clocking a 49:38 on the 40.3km course.

“I am really happy and honestly I did not expect to win the gold medal today,” Zakarin said. “After the Giro d’Italia I took ten days rest, and I even gained some kilo’s. When I saw that, after 20 kilometers, I had already 20 seconds to Maxim, I decided to go for my second title. This is nice. Let’s see on Sunday what we can do for our team in the road race.”

Katusha-Alpecin’s team director Dmitry Konyshev was pleased with Zakarin’s result, saying the rest was necessary because he “was really tired and also too skinny”.

“He gained some weight and that may have helped him to secure the title. He started fast and he finished fast. He did a perfect time trial on hilly and windy course.”

Mullen tops Roche to win Irish title

Ryan Mullen (Cannondale-Drapac) took out an important victory in the Irish national championships time trial. The 22-year-old beat Nicolas Roche (BMC) on the 33km course in Wexford by 15 seconds.

When Mullen last won the national title in 2015, the WorldTour riders skipped the race, and last year he came third behind Roche and Eddie Dunbar (Axeon Hagens Berman) more than a minute off the pace. He rallied over the second half of the season and was fifth place at the world championships.

“It means a lot to me,” Mullen said of his title. “I felt like I was under a bit of pressure to win, especially after Worlds last year. To be honest, I expected to win and would have been disappointed if I didn’t. I’m glad I wasn’t unrealistic or over-confident about my chances.”

Mullen said the course with poorly surfaced country roads favoured his physique. “The lighter guys probably bounced about. There wasn’t much in the way of climbs. It was a fairly straightforward course.

“I had to start a little bit harder than what I could sustain,” Mullen said of the headwind. “I got to the halfway point, and I hadn’t over-paced. I was 15-seconds down. I thought: ‘Well, shit. This hasn’t gone to plan.’ But Roche went out too hard as well, and I pulled back 30, 40 seconds on him going back.”

Mullen will line up on Sunday for the road race knowing that he can wear his national colours in time trials for a year.

“Being a national champion is something I’m very proud of. I will always make an effort to come to Nationals, even if the timing or the location doesn’t make it the easiest race in the world to include in my schedule.”

Bonifazio out with tonsillitis

Bahrain-Merida‘s Niccolo Bonifazio will not be racing at the Italian road race championships this weekend because he has come down with tonsillitis.

The team announced on Friday that the Italian has been suffering from a high fever and has had to start on antibiotics.

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Are You Tough Enough For Jamie Eason's Classic Back-And-Biceps Routine?

As one of our earliest and still most popular 12-week plans, Jamie Eason’s iconic LiveFit 12-Week Trainer has more than earned reverence at Bodybuilding.com. But, we tend to speak of the program like it’s two different entities; there’s LiveFit…and there’s LiveFit phase three.

During the final four weeks, Jamie opens the floodgates, giving you a real window into how a fitness model trains—and a real opportunity to achieve a lasting transformation, if your schedule and mental resolve are up to the task. This is hard, heavy stuff that will challenge any lifter, of any experience level. If you can make it through this, you’ve earned your after photo!

If you want to go tough on your back and biceps this week, try tackling this classic workout from week nine (day sixty-one) of LiveFit.

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer: Back/Biceps/Abs/Sprints

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Maggie Wallace Ready to Lead Next Generation of Open Water Greats

Photo Courtesy: Maggie Wallace

by Kevin Gill, Swimming World College Intern.

With the ever growing popularity of open water swimming, both domestically and internationally, many young faces are beginning to emerge as the future of the sport. Seventeen year-old Maggie Wallace has recently proven that she is ready to lead the next generation of great open water swimmers.

Wallace swims for the Egg Harbor Township Seahawks under Coach Brian Elko. The rising senior also competes for Ocean City High School.

At the 2017 Open Water National Championships at Castaic Lake, Wallace competed in her first ever 10K race. Alongside open water stars like Ashley Twichell, Haley Anderson, and Becca Mann, Wallace finished the race in a time of 2:08:13.905, good enough for 16th overall.

After an impressive first ever 10K performance at Open Water Nationals, Wallace was selected to represent Team USA at the 2017 UANA Pan American Championships in the Cayman Islands, an event where team Canada claimed victory. While competing for the first time internationally, Wallace finished seventh alongside some of world’s best open water swimmers.

During her time at this competition, Wallace was able to do something she had always wanted to. “It has always been my dream to be able to represent my country so to be able to get my shot was absolutely amazing,” she said.

Wallace took full advantage of the opportunity she had to compete against some world class open water swimmers. “I learned how competitive the swimming world actually is on the international stage,” she said. Many times it is hard for swimmers to truly realize this until they are stroke for stroke with experienced swimmers such as Eva Fabian.

maggie wallace2

Photo Courtesy: Maggie Wallace

When asked how she began her open water career, Wallace discussed how it had been something she had been participating in from an early age, “I have lived near the ocean all of my life so I started swimming open water as soon as I knew that there where races in my home town.”

A race like the 10K is challenging, both mentally as well as physically, yet Wallace finds enjoyment in an event most swimmers would be hesitant to try, “I like the solidarity of the whole thing. It’s just you by yourself and you controlling how you race”.

Although the longer distance is relatively new to Wallace, she and Coach Brian Elko both knew it was a challenge that would take Wallace’s distance career to the next level.

Elko increased her yardage significantly in hopes of preparing Wallace to hold as solid of a pace as she could for the grueling two hour race.

maggie wallace1Photo Courtesy: Maggie Wallace

With all of this open water success, Wallace’s pool swimming should not be overlooked.

After finishing second in the 500 free at the New Jersey high school state championship meet, Wallace took her talents to Christiansburg, Virginia for the Speedo Sectionals Series meet. There, Wallace placed first in the 500, 1000, and 1650 yard freestyle.

She is a senior nationals qualifier and competed at the 2016 Speedo Winter Junior Nationals. Her versatility expands beyond freestyle, as Wallace has a very solid backstroke and IM as well.

Looking towards the future, Wallace will continue with open water swimming, hoping to have similar success as she has had recently. “I plan on keeping up with the 10k and all open water swimming now that I have found my calling for it.”

With the success that she has had, Wallace aims to represent her country on an even higher level, “I hope to make it to the world stage sometime in the future”.

The addition of the women’s 1500 in the Olympic schedule gives Wallace more opportunities to break out onto the sport’s biggest stage. “For true distance swimmers like myself adding the 1500 is a blessing from the swim gods and it gives us a shot at another Olympic event,” Wallace reflected.

Whether it be in the pool or any other body of water, Wallace will definitely be a name to remember as a new generation of great swimmers emerges for Team USA.

All commentaries are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Swimming World Magazine nor its staff.

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BMW International: Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson trail leaders by one shot

Sergio Garcia

BMW International second round
-9 J Lagergren (Swe), J Stalter (Fra); -8 S Garcia (Spa), H Stenson (Swe), R Bland (Eng), T Detry (Bel), R Karlberg (Swe)
Selected others: -7 M Southgate (Eng); -6 T Fleetwood (Eng) Full leaderboard

Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson are one shot off the pace after the second round of the BMW International.

Spaniard Garcia, playing his first event in Europe since winning the Masters, shot a two-under 70 on Friday, leaving him eight under par overall.

Sweden’s Stenson, the 2016 winner, carded a three-under 69 in his second round as he continued preparations for a defence of his Open title in July.

The pair are a shot behind Swede Joakim Lagergren and France’s Joel Stalter.

England’s Tommy Fleetwood, who finished fourth at the US Open on Sunday, is tied for 11th, three strokes adrift of the leaders in Munich.

But compatriot Richard Bland moved level with Garcia and Stenson with a second-round 69.

Fellow Englishman Matthew Southgate was one shot further back on seven under par overall.

“I’m not on top of my game by any means but I think it was a good kind of professional fighting display,” Stenson said.

“We kept it pretty tidy, anyway, and made a couple of birdies when we had the chances and didn’t drop too many. You don’t have to be ashamed of three under I guess around here.”

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