Tirreno-Adriatico: Quick-Step Floor riders angry, disappointed after high-speed pileup

The Quick-Step Floors team was hoping Fernando Gaviria could win for a second consecutive year on stage 3 of Tirreno-Adriatico in Montalto di Castro but the Colombian sprinter, Tom Boonen and the team’s overall hope Bob Jungels were all caught up in a late crash with a kilometre to go. The team could only roll to the finish several minutes after Peter Sagan (Bora-hansgrohe) had got the better of Elia Viviani (Team Sky).

The crash occurred just inside the final kilometre. On a straight section of road, Jasper Stuyven bumped with Eduard Grosu of Nippo-Fantini Vini. Grosu went down hard, suffering some nasty road rash, with his bike somersaulting in the air in front of Gaviria, Boonen and the rest of the peloton. They tried to brake but apparently hit the fallen bike and Grosu, causing them to crash.

Fortunately neither were seriously hurt but they were angry. Teammate Matteo Trentin saw the crash and went to have a word with Andrea Palini of Androni Giocattoli after the sprint, but it is unclear if he had caused the crash.

Gaviria reached the finish with the back of his skinsuit shredded. He quickly took a drink and got directions to the team’s nearby hotel from a soigneur and then rode off, preferring to shrug off the consequences of the crash and the missed chance of victory.

Boonen arrived a little later and stopped to talk to the Belgian media, who were anxious to learn of any injuries – he already crashed hard at the Tour of Oman and Omloop Het Nieuwsblad.

Boonen had a nasty looking gash on his right knee but played down his problems.

“I don’t know exactly what happened, you guys probably saw more than I saw,” Boonen said. “Fortunately I don’t have anything, I’m not hurt. But I lost some skin on my new skin that was on my right knee. I didn’t really go down; I fell over the guy in front of me. I kicked him in his head as I was crashing.”

Boonen explained the dynamic of the crash.

“We were in the top 15 positions, with Fernando well placed on my wheel, biding our time to move to the front. Suddenly, two guys crashed in front of me, and I couldn’t avoid them. Fernando too went to the ground, and at that point, our stage was over. It’s a real pity because we were in a good position and Fernando could have done a good sprint.”

Boonen admitted he is perhaps taking risks by getting involved in the sprints but refused to hide at the back of the peloton until he retires after the Belgian Classics.

“If you are in front, if you sprint at the front, playing for the win, then, of course, there’s a little more chance that you can crash or something. If you let it go and you finish in 105th position, then you don’t risk things, but I want to play my role for the team,” he explained.

Bob Jungels was also caught up in the crash but was given the same time as Peter Sagan because the wreck occurred in the final three kilometres. He remains sixth overall, in best young rider’s white jersey, just 16 seconds behind race leader Rohan Dennis (BMC). He is determined to fight for an overall result on Saturday’s big mountain stage to the ski resort of Monte Terminillo that is expected to decide the overall classification of this year’s Tirreno-Adriatico.

“It was a tense final, made even more dangerous by the downhill and the strong wind. We were in a good position, but we went down in that pileup, and that was that. I’m happy this day is over,” Jungels said.

“Tomorrow I’ll see how I feel at the start of the stage to Monte Terminillo, which is quite a hard climb, and what I can do there.”

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Michael Phelps Responds to Anti-Doping Comments by Milorad Cavic

Last week, Serbian butterflyer Milorad Cavic called out old rival Michael Phelps, noting that the timing of the 23-time Olympic gold medalist’s comments on anti-doping seemed convenient since he was no longer competing.

In a Facebook live video, Phelps responded to those comments. While discussing Joseph Schooling and his potential in the 100 fly in upcoming years, Phelps became noticeably ticked off when he read a viewer comment about Cavic’s comments.

“I’m actually going to comment on this because I think that comment is so rude and so beyond anything that’s really is imaginable,” Phelps said. “You want to go look at any results I’ve ever had in a drug test, go ahead.”

Phelps called the current status of sports a “joke” multiple times, and he repeated several statistics from his speech to Congress about the need for consistency in anti-doping procedures.

“Over 1900 athletes, the year before the Olympics in Rio, were not tested one time. Six months leading up to the Games, I was tested 13 times just by USADA. I think that’s something that is sad about sports today,” Phelps said.

“And if you think I cheated, that’s your opinion. I know what I did in the sport, I know the hard work that I put in, and I know what went into my body, and drugs were not one of those things. It’s something that needs to change, and people that test positive in sports don’t deserve another chance to perform because they’re doing things others do in training.

“I know I busted my tail for years on end to try to get myself stronger for every race, and that’s what I did. I had goals, and I achieved them because I worked hard to accomplish them. There are other people that are taking the easy, cheap way out, and they’re taking performance-enhancing drugs. And that’s a joke.”

After talking for several minutes, Phelps paused and apologized to those watching the video for his long monologue.

“Sorry I went on that rant, guys, but this is something that’s such a passion for me and has to change, and it’s so frustrating when people sit there and say you cheat or you do this or you do that. You don’t know,” he said.

Watch the full video from Phelps by clicking here.

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4 Things to Keep in Mind After a Bad Season

Photo Courtesy: Annie Grevers

By Caitlin Daday, Swimming World College Intern

It happens. Sometimes the season does not go the way we want. Not just a meet or a few weeks, but sometimes the whole season is just off.

Let’s be honest, it is really tough when you do not swim well. You put in all that work, and essentially get no return. It is not fun. Having just experienced this myself, I know how hard it is. It may be “just swimming,” but the disappointment hits all of us hard.

With a bit of reflection, however, it becomes easier to move past it. You may need to take a step back and reset, but fortunately there are a number of ways to get back on track after a tough season. These four things, among others, are what have helped me the most in rebounding after tough seasons:

1. There is no one out on the operating table.


Photo Courtesy: Ashleigh Shanley

It may seem obvious, but at the same time it can be easy to forget that swimming is not life-and-death. Sometimes it feels like it is the most important thing in the world, but at the end of the day it is not. Yes, swimming is important, but not nearly to that extent.

I know personally how hard this can be to realize. You put in all that work, so obviously your performance is very important to you. When you find yourself getting caught up, you have to remember that even though swimming is important to your life right now, your doing bad in a season is not nearly at the level of the worst things out there.

2. It was only one season.

Collegiate swimmers leap off the starting blocks for the 50-meter women's freestyle event Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015, at the Orange Bowl Swimming Classic in Key Largo, Fla. Michigan placed first in the women's division while West Virginia University won the men's division. The event, staged at the Jacobs Aquatic Center, was the highlight of the winter collegiate swimming training season in the Florida Keys. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY (Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau/HO)

Photo Courtesy: Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau/HO

Fortunately, one bad season does not ruin your entire swimming career. It is easy to get the idea in your head that you are not as good as you once were, but that is not true. Regardless of what you did this year, your best times are still yours–they are not going anywhere.

In every aspect of life, you are going to face ups and downs. While this season may have been bad, the next one is right around the corner. What’s done is done, and what comes next is something entirely new. You still have a chance to come back and be better than ever.

3. It happens to everyone.


Photo Courtesy: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it can be hard to accept the fact that you are no longer the age grouper that drops time every time you touch water. As nice as that would be, it is just not realistic. But the good thing is you are not alone. Every athlete, at some point in their career, hits a bump in the road. The size of those bumps may differ from person to person, but everybody faces them.

A large part of the challenge is how you deal with it. While it happens to everyone, it is not a license to dwell and constantly feel sorry for yourself. I admit, it is easy to feel sorry for yourself, but in the end, being able to move past it and reset yourself feels so much better.

4. You are not defined by swimming alone.

SEENIGAMA, SRI LANKA-OCTOBER 6, 2015: Laureus Ambassador and Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin poses a picture with children at Foundation of Goodness during the Missy Franklin Sri Lanka Project Visit on October 6, 2015 in Seenegama, Sri Lanka. (Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Laureus/Getty Images)

Photo Courtesy: Buddhika Weerasinghe

As a 21 year old college swimmer, swimming is seemingly what defines me. When people ask what I do, I say I am a swimmer. My room, both at school and at home, is decorated with pictures and awards all from swimming. Rare is the moment when I leave the house not wearing something swimming related.

At the same time though, there is so much more to each of us as a person. We are not just swimmers, but we are writers and engineers and friends and sisters and brothers and just about everything else there can be. Each and every one of us has something we are good at aside from swimming. So when swimming goes wrong, there are tons of other things that can go right. Bad performances in the pool in no way determine you as a person.

All commentaries are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Swimming World Magazine nor its staff.

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Off Deck, March 10, 2017: Cameron Craig Recaps Breakout Pac-12s

Photo Courtesy: Chuckarelei/Pac-12

Arizona State freshman Cameron Craig was the breakout performer of the men’s Pac-12 championships last weekend, winning the 200 free in 1:31.71, the second-fastest time in the country so far this season, and then winning the 100 free in 41.95.

Now, Craig is in the midst of preparation for his first NCAA championships, so the Swimming World crew headed to Tempe this week to speak with the freshman. In this special on-deck edition of Off Deck, Craig sat down with host David Rieder.

Craig explained what contributed to his excellent performance at the conference meet, his reaction to those fast times, how ASU head coach Bob Bowman helped turn him into a 200 freestyler and what he’s expecting at his first NCAA championships.

Watch the full episode below.

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New Zealand Swimming Loses Two Key Positions After Funding Cuts

Report By Dave Crampton

Swimming New Zealand has disestablished two key positions after losing 30 percent of its high performance funding from April 2017, primarily due to its results at the Rio Olympics, where none of its swimmers made finals.

The New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association said the removal of both positions is “unjustified and highly detrimental” to the sport.

220313. Wellington HP coach Gary Hurring during Day Five of the State New Zealand Open Championships, Auckland, New Zealand, Friday 22 March 2013. Photo: Simon Watts/bwp.co.nz/Swimming New Zealand

Coach Gary Hurring

The federation’s high performance coaching director, Donna Bouzaid, and its high performance athlete development coach, Gary Hurring, will have their positions disestablished from May 6 due to the funding cuts, it was announced on Thursday. Hurring was Swimming NZ’s head coach at both the Rio Olympics and the Kazan World championships.


Jerry Olszewski – Photo Courtesy: Dave Crampton

However, the federation’s head coach, Jerry Olszewski, who commenced in September after being hired from the United States, has kept his job for now, despite his job description stating that his contract is subject to the outcome of the review with High Performance Sport New Zealand, which allocates high performance sports funding.

Swimming New Zealand, which has no formal key sponsor, lost $400,000 of its $1.2m high performance funding – more than it expected, according to Swimming NZ board chair Bruce Cotterill.

“We did not expect the cut to be so severe and we have spent several weeks following the decision trying to persuade HPSNZ to lessen the severity of the cut and attempting to educate it on the likely impact that a funding cut of this nature would have on our HP programme. Unfortunately, we were not successful in this bid,” Cottreill said in a letter to regional board chairs on Thursday,

“This decision has not been taken lightly but has been forced upon us by the size of HPSNZ’s funding cut.”

In a statement, the New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association said that the removal was “two of the most important positions that Swimming NZ has” and is highly detrimental to the development of the sport. It called for a sustainable, financially viable, easily executed plan, with vision for the future. It also acknowledged the he contribution both have made to the sport

“The Board wants to acknowledge the huge contribution that both Donna and Gary have made to these roles. Both the Board and the NZSCTA membership would like to offer our unequivocal support to them both during this difficult time,” board representative David Prattley wrote.


Steve Johns – Photo Courtesy: Dave Crampton

Swimming New Zealand chief executive Steve Johns is currently working through the transition to the new structure and will communicate how the roles and responsibilities of both Bouzaid and Hurring will be facilitated.

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Simon Yates ‘not trying to win the stage’ as he climbs up Paris-Nice GC

Orica-Scott rider said he attacked to take time in the overall standings

Simon Yates’s stage win at Paris-Nice was his first of the 2017 season, but this was not the primary objective when the Orica-Scott rider attacked on the penultimate climb of the day.

Despite coming into the day in 16th place overall, more than two minutes behind race leader Julian Alaphilippe, Yates said that his first thoughts were to attack to climb up GC and put himself in a better position going into a difficult final weekend, rather than chasing a stage win.

“I was not trying to win the stage,” Yates said after his win. “I was trying to take as much time back as possible as I had good legs today.”

>>> Simon Yates attacks rivals to win Paris-Nice stage six

The 24-year-old was able to take a lead of 45 seconds onto the final climb in Fayence, as a elite group led by Team Sky didn’t chase the Briton down.

“I might be a bit more closely marked now. One of the reasons I got away today was because I’m so far behind.

“There are a lot of guys closer and nobody was really watching me, but maybe they will be tomorrow and the day after.”

Yates sees opportunities to move further up the GC on tomorrow’s summit finish on the Col de Couillole, as well as on the final day around Nice, which features six classified climbs.

>>> Paris-Nice 2017: Latest news, interviews, photos, and videos

However, despite moving into eighth place overall, he is still 1-37 behind race leader Julian Alaphilippe, and thinks the Frenchman will be the one to take final victory, despite having three riders (Tony Gallopin, Sergio Henao, and Gorka Izaguirre) within a minute of the lead.

“I think Alaphilippe will hold on. He’s a phenomenal rider – I raced him when I was younger, and even then I could see he was a hell of a talent. It will be difficult to dislodge him, but we can only try.

“He has a strong team there, but hopefully he’s tired after being in the lead. It’s a difficult climb tomorrow from what I’ve seen. We can only try.”

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USOC Releases Statement Regarding Anti-Doping Reform

The Olympic and Paralympic Movements is unique within the world of sport in that it was founded, and is promoted, as a values-based movement. The practice of doping is fundamentally contrary to those values in every respect, and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements cannot maintain its values-based identity unless it makes a more meaningful, collective, and effective commitment to lead the fight against doping. We must provide a safe and level playing field for our athletes, and we must demonstrate to our stakeholders that doping in the Olympic and Paralympic Movements is the exception, not the rule, and will not be tolerated.

Doping is a global problem and requires a global solution that does not depend on individual countries or sport organizations for enforcement. While there are numerous effective national anti-doping organizations currently in place around the world, there must also be a clearly independent anti-doping body with overriding global authority of those national anti-doping organization (NADO) programs, with the responsibility to test, investigate, and sanction when necessary – ensuring consistency across countries and sports.

Fundamental due process rights must be afforded to athletes and others in individual cases. Among these, an athlete should have the opportunity to rebut factual allegations before the fact finder and have a right to appeal to an independent body who must not also be responsible for prosecution.

Systematic doping requires a systematic and proportional response. There should be sanctions not only against proven perpetrators, but against anyone who knew or should have known about a doping violation. It is the responsibility of everyone, from athletes to coaches to administrators, to report doping violations. To that end, an independent anti-doping authority must have the power to suspend International Federations, National Olympic Committees, National Federations and National Anti-doping Organizations in cases of systematic doping.

Investigative work to uncover systematic doping must be robustly supported in balance with other forms of detection.  Whistleblowers must be encouraged to share what they know and protected against retribution.

This enhanced fight against doping requires increased investment. The IOC, the NOCs and the IFs should all contribute on a fair and equitable basis, complementing governmental support.

The USOC will work from within the IOC, ANOC and WADA to advocate for change. A viable solution will require the constructive input of all stakeholders. Time is of the essence.

With these principles in mind, and while the USOC is open to workable alternatives to these specifics, it appears that the global anti-doping solution should include at least these elements:

  • Strong WADA.  WADA must be positioned as the strong, independent, global leader in anti-doping, with greater authority, independence, and funding.
    • Authority.
      • International Testing and Investigation Authority.  WADA should have oversight of NADOs, and a direct role in athlete testing, both in and out of competition, when necessary to ensure the integrity of the anti-doping movement is maintained. 
      • Centralized Testing and Investigation Oversight of NADOs and Anti-doping Systems.  WADA should have a clear role in checking and certifying in-country anti-doping organizations and laboratories and the ability to sanction non-compliant organizations, as well as jurisdiction and rules to address failing national anti-doping systems. 
    • Independence.  WADA should be governed independently of the sports organizations it watches and works with, and needs to have clear, transparent policies on governance.  No person serving in a governance role in the IOC, any NOC, IF, or ANOC should also serve in a governance role for WADA. 
    • Funding.  In order to do these first two things, WADA needs more funding from more governments as well as from the IOC.
  • Whistleblowers.  WADA’s rules must include specific protections for whistleblowers, and clear, easy means (including anonymous means) for reporting violations.

The U.S. Olympic Committee stands with every clean athlete around the world in promoting integrity, health and every athlete’s fundamental right to compete in clean sport. We are committed to partnering with the global sport community to ensure sport remains a fair and unifying force for good that inspires everyone to achieve more.

Read Original Statement From USOC

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2017 NCAA Division II Nationals: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Welcome to Swimming World’s live recap of the third day of prelims at the 2017 NCAA Division II Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama! The Queens women will look to capitalize on a slight points lead over Drury by trying to continue to creep away, but don’t expect Drury to go down without a fight. While the Queens men have a considerable lead in the men’s meet, the top 5 teams still aren’t set and will still look to move up with some big swims today.

Click here for live results, and you can check out recaps of all session on our 2016-2017 Division II Landing Page.

Today’s Schedule of Events

  • 500 free
  • 100 backstroke
  • 100 breaststroke
  • 200 butterfly
  • Men’s 1-meter diving
  • 800 free relay (last heat of timed finals)

Women’s 500 Free

Event 21  Women 500 Yard Freestyle
 Division II:  4:39.28  3/11/2016   Patri Castro Ortega, Queens (NC)           
     Name                        Year School
  1  Wahlstrom, Emma               SR Nova S'eastern            4:47.05 
  2  Van Noort, Leonie             SR Grand Valley              4:47.80 
  3  Jouisse, Caroline             SO Delta State               4:50.61 
  4  Santis, Maria                 FR Delta State               4:50.62 
  5  Wood, Mia                     FR Mines                     4:51.77 
  6  Wright, Georgia               FR West Chester              4:52.61 
  7  Fornshell, Laura              FR Fresno Pacific            4:52.66 
  8  Bryan, Ella                   FR Drury                     4:52.66 
  9  Dahlgren, Erica               FR Drury                     4:52.66 
 10  Halverson, Christina          JR Cal Baptist               4:53.04 
 11  Stillman, Ebba                FR Wingate                   4:53.55 
 12  de Rijcke, Simone             SO Lindenwood                4:53.81 
 13  McGillivray, Alecia           SR Lindenwood                4:54.51 
 14  Santa Ana, Rosalee Mira       JR Azusa Pacific             4:54.57 
 15  Kunka, Kamila                 FR Lindenwood                4:55.02 
 16  Bonsanti, Annagrazia          JR Bridgeport                4:55.24 
 17  Hayward, Theresa              SR West Chester              4:55.80 
 18  Postmus, Samantha             JR Grand Valley              4:56.21 
 19  Reamy, Sarah                  FR Queens (NC)               4:57.05 
 20  Mergel, Mackenzie             FR Cal Baptist               4:57.18 
 21  Eickert, Reagan               SO UCSD                      4:57.37 
 22  Van Horen, Hanna              SO Wingate                   4:57.73 
 23  Barnett, Emma                 SO Truman State              4:57.74 
 24  Betz, Kortney                 JR Truman State              4:57.79 
 25  Sisson, Nicole                JR Truman State              4:58.12 
 26  Bayes, Brittany               JR TAMPA                     4:58.53 
 27  Allin, Georgina               SR Nova S'eastern            4:58.58 
 28  Miler, Tamara                 JR Azusa Pacific             4:58.76 
 29  Shaughnessy, Megan            SO Grand Valley              4:58.83 
 30  Munion, Brooke                SR Nova S'eastern            4:58.84 
 31  Allen, Madeline               SO Jewell                    4:59.19 
 32  Breault, Peyton               JR Florida Southern          4:59.19 
 33  Olvet, Kristen                FR Simon Fraser              4:59.48 
 34  Heaton, Cassidy               SO Alaska Fairbanks          4:59.51 
 35  Dean, Ellie                   SO Wayne State               4:59.59 
 36  Kirchner, Lena                SR Lindenwood                4:59.72 
 37  Yelle, Madison                JR Nova S'eastern            4:59.79 
 38  Ouhl, Megan                   JR Drury                     4:59.83 
 39  Isom, Abigail                 SO Delta State               5:00.33 
 40  Fischer, Morgan               SO Lindenwood                5:00.45 
 41  Galea Berraud, Catalina       SO Lynn                      5:01.08 
 42  Swistak, Lauren               SR Simon Fraser              5:01.32 
 43  Johnston, Kathryn             SR Queens (NC)               5:01.62 
 44  Ritchey, Kaitlyn              FR UCSD                      5:02.10 
 45  Hamza, Haley                  JR UCSD                      5:02.51 
 46  Raybon, Lexy                  JR Carson-Newman             5:02.59 
 47  Gilson, Brooke                SR Bloomsburg                5:02.67 
 48  McCloskey, Madeline           SO Nova S'eastern            5:03.10 
 49  Sullivan, Shannon             SR Lewis                     5:05.03 
 50  Kralovec, Carrie              SR Mines                     5:05.97 
 51  Arakelian, Rebecca            FR NMU                       5:06.59

Men’s 500 Free

Event 22  Men 500 Yard Freestyle
 Division II:  4:17.09  3/11/2016   Dion Dreesens, Queens (NC)                 
     Name                        Year School
  1  Stepien, Konrad               FR Drury                     4:17.19 
  2  Casanovas, Joan               FR Drury                     4:22.02 
  3  Lupoli, Franco                JR Nova S'eastern            4:22.81 
  4  Bryant, Samuel                JR Colorado Mesa             4:23.13 
  5  Hren, Erik                    FR Bridgeport                4:25.10 
  6  VanderHelm, Adrian            JR Simon Fraser              4:25.24 
  7  Botana, Vitor                 SO Indy                      4:25.40 
  8  Tarin, Victor                 SR Nova S'eastern            4:25.45 
  9  Arakelian, Nicholas           JR Queens (NC)               4:25.75 
 10  Dreesens, Dion                SR Queens (NC)               4:25.77 
 11  Zavaneli, Guilherme           SO Indy                      4:25.80 
 12  Hamill, Mackenzie             SO Simon Fraser              4:26.45 
 13  Cohn, Michael                 FR UCSD                      4:26.79 
 14  Griffith, Robert              JR Cal Baptist               4:27.07 
 15  Sangines, Ivan                SR Bridgeport                4:27.73 
 16  Planinc, Luka                 SO Florida Southern          4:27.97 
 17  Borowicz Skoneczny, Sylweste  SR Lindenwood                4:28.10 
 18  Rossi, Emanuele               SO Florida Tech              4:28.13 
 19  Brennan, Aidan                SR Lewis                     4:28.17 
 20  Eigel, Felix                  SR Lindenwood                4:28.17 
 21  Woodrow, Blake                JR Nova S'eastern            4:28.18 
 22  Shore, Tanner                 SO Cal Baptist               4:28.22 
 23  Bokankhel, Dmitrii            FR Henderson St.             4:28.45 
 24  Wunderlich, Camden            SO Wingate                   4:28.55 
 25  Schuster, Brandon             FR Cal Baptist               4:28.96 
 26  Evans, Ben                    FR Wingate                   4:29.43 
 27  Silva Santa, Gustavo          SR Lindenwood                4:29.95 
 28  Reminger, Richard             JR TAMPA                     4:30.32 
 29  Polyakov, Victor              SR West Chester              4:30.43 
 30  Woinoski, Tim                 JR Simon Fraser              4:30.88 
 31  Reinbrecht, Alexandre         JR Drury                     4:31.18 
 32  Holmes, Matthew               SO Florida Southern          4:31.30 
 33  de Oliveira, Leonardo         FR Wayne State               4:31.78 
 34  Sawicki, Nathan               SO Delta State               4:32.23 
 35  Fjeldberg, Oystein            SR Wingate                   4:32.29 
 36  Samuelsen, Tim                FR Missouri S & T            4:32.36 
 37  Aranda, Anthony               SO Jewell                    4:32.71 
 38  Roovers, Janne                SO NMU                       4:32.89 
 39  Gifford, Ryan                 SR Colorado Mesa             4:32.97 
 40  Poti, Quinn                   SR Lewis                     4:32.97 
 41  Miranda, Gabriel              SO Delta State               4:33.34 
 42  Mays, Brennan                 JR Mines                     4:33.86 
 43  Kelly, Brian                  JR Bridgeport                4:34.27 
 44  Notarianni, Daniel            JR Drury                     4:35.52 
 45  Tricas, Hector                SR Queens (NC)               4:35.76

Women’s 100 Backstroke

Event 23  Women 100 Yard Backstroke
 Division II:  52.45  3/14/2014   Mary Hanson, Cal Baptist                     
     Name                        Year School
  1  Rudenko, Yekaterina           JR Drury                       53.47 
  2  Helm, Rachel                  FR NMU                         53.82 
  3  Peiffer, Hannah               SR Queens (NC)                 53.90 
  4  Sullivan, Erin                JR MSU-Moorhead                54.24 
  5  Arkhipova, Viktoriya          SR Wingate                     54.53 
  6  Wahlstrom, Emma               SR Nova S'eastern              54.60 
  7  Klyarovskaya, Anastasia       SR Delta State                 54.92 
  8  Gabrielson, Brenna            SR Wayne State                 55.06 
  9  Hake, Cecilia                 JR MSU Mankato                 55.23 
 10  Cizmar, Meri                  SR Findlay                     55.45 
 11  Nicks, Hannah                 SR Truman State                55.51 
 12  Kilburn, Regan                SO NMU                         55.59 
 13  Bendfeldt, Laura              JR LIU Post                    55.63 
 14  Saiz, Mary                    SR Colorado Mesa               55.64 
 15  Fuller, Karis                 SO LIU Post                    55.67 
 16  Tomala, Aleksandra            FR Lindenwood                  55.69 
 17  Lowe, Mariam                  SR Cal State East B            55.72 
 18  McNall, Lindsay               SR St. Michael's               55.77 
 19  Strickler, Alison             SR Truman State                56.07 
 20  Toronczak, Julia              JR UCSD                        56.12 
 21  Thielen, Amanda               SO Saginaw Valley              56.15 
 22  Hulley, Pia                   SO West Florida                56.17 
 23  Eppinga, Allison              FR Sioux Falls                 56.18 
 24  Seegars, Miranda              JR Wingate                     56.22 
 25  Tiedemann, Emily              SR St. Cloud St.               56.23 
 26  Spencer, Evyn                 SR Truman State                56.25 
 27  Rova, Cheyenne                SR MSU Mankato                 56.27 
 28  Saunders, Savanna             SO NMU                         56.49 
 29  McClure, Morgan               JR Cal State East B            56.70 
 30  Rodman, Alexandra             JR UCSD                        56.72 
 31  Garriock, Natalia             JR Saint Leo                   56.73 
 32  Marginean, Emily              SO Wayne State                 56.82

Men’s 100 Backstroke

Event 24  Men 100 Yard Backstroke
 Division II:  46.27  3/10/2016   Marco Palacios, Florida Southern             
     Name                        Year School
  1  Palacios, Marco               SR Florida Southern            47.00 
  2  Budai, Lajos                  FR NMU                         47.19 
  3  Pijulet, Paul                 JR Queens (NC)                 47.24 
  4  Bunner, Zach                  JR Queens (NC)                 47.32 
  5  Golban, Serghei               JR Lindenwood                  47.43 
  6  Drobnych, Dmytro              SO Wayne State                 47.57 
  7  Shalamon, Harry               FR Grand Valley                47.96 
  8  Codo Berti, Rodrigo           SO Indy                        48.04 
  9  Mikicin, Milosz               JR Saint Leo                   48.19 
 10  Minasi, Jake                  JR Limestone                   48.26 
 11  Gimenez, Diego                SR Florida Southern            48.41 
 12  Sydorchenko, Dmytro           FR Queens (NC)                 48.48 
 13  Bundzis, Renars               SO NMU                         48.50 
 14  Glynn, Aidan                  SO Drury                       48.68 
 15  Aldabe, Marco                 SR Nova S'eastern              48.77 
 16  Knoblauch, Mads               JR Lewis                       48.86 
 17  Pazos, Enzo                   JR Queens (NC)                 48.92 
 18  Martin, Niklas                SO Wingate                     49.11 
 19  Coleman, Evan                 SR Florida Southern            49.14 
 20  Berg, Eric                    SO Colorado Mesa               49.18 
 21  Harrington, Ethan             FR TAMPA                       49.18 
 22  Podguzov, Alexander           SO Ouachita                    49.34 
 23  Cohn, Michael                 FR UCSD                        49.35 
 24  Holmberg, Sebastian           JR Wingate                     49.36 
 25  Walling, Benjamin             SO Grand Valley                49.52

Women’s 100 Breaststroke

Event 25  Women 100 Yard Breaststroke
 Division II:  1:00.66  3/14/2014   Kayla Scott, Wayne State                   
     Name                        Year School
  1  Nunn, Bailee                  FR Drury                     1:00.04 
  2  Michalak, Theresa             SR West Florida              1:00.28 
  3  Chwadeczko, Zuzanna           JR Drury                     1:00.86 
  4  Prayson, Michelle             SO Queens (NC)               1:01.38 
  5  Westman, Malin                JR Nova S'eastern            1:01.43 
  6  Ferreira, Manuela             SR Wayne State               1:01.94 
  7  Phetbenjakul, Anshanika       JR UCSD                      1:01.95 
  8  Rumiantceva, Alena            SR Cal Baptist               1:02.10 
  9  Kosheleva, Olga               SR Wingate                   1:02.16 
 10  Heitchue, Emily               SR Wayne State               1:02.22 
 11  Arganbright, Jade             SR CALU-PA                   1:02.31 
 12  Weiss, Jessika                SR Wingate                   1:02.34 
 13  Melhorn, Maggie               JR Carson-Newman             1:02.37 
 14  Talanova, Daria               JR Queens (NC)               1:02.42 
 15  Dymarek, Ewa                  JR Lindenwood                1:02.43 
 16  Gallagher, Emily              SR Grand Valley              1:02.46 
 17  Degrace, Haley                SO Florida Southern          1:02.50 
 18  Street, Mckenzie              SO TAMPA                     1:02.63 
 19  Konstantinidi, Athina         FR Indy                      1:02.65 
 20  Bryan, Jaimie                 SR UCSD                      1:02.72 
 21  Belova, Daria                 JR Fresno Pacific            1:02.75 
 22  Mattar, Lydia                 SO Saginaw Valley            1:02.83 
 23  Dudek, Marlena                SR Fairmont                  1:02.87 
 24  Ellingson, Anika              SO Hillsdale                 1:02.87 
 25  Vos, Katharina                FR Wingate                   1:03.18 
 26  Wilks, Taylor                 JR Rollins                   1:03.22 
 27  Stroven, Kirsten              SR Delta State               1:03.74 
 28  Stever, Miranda               FR Simon Fraser              1:03.86 
 29  Frenks, Meaghan               JR Simon Fraser              1:04.01 
 30  Maxfield, Lily                SO UCSD                      1:04.18 
 31  Svisco, Katherine             FR Wayne State               1:04.27 
 32  Beaty, Claire                 JR Cal State East B          1:04.30 
 33  Whittenburg, Jacinda          JR Florida Southern          1:04.54 
 34  Hughes, Sarah                 SO Lynn                      1:04.58 
 35  Weber, Nicole                 SR Saint Leo                 1:04.73

Men’s 100 Breaststroke

Event 26  Men 100 Yard Breaststroke
 Division II:  51.63  3/13/2015   Anton Lobanov, Nova S'eastern                
     Name                        Year School
  1  Lobanov, Anton                JR Nova S'eastern              52.40 
  2  Fedyna, Rostyslav             SR Queens (NC)                 52.66 
  3  Fraschi, Matteo               SR Delta State                 53.58 
  4  Feigl, Tobias                 SR Limestone                   53.79 
  5  Bazzoli, Andrea               SO Drury                       53.82 
  6  Jasso, Luis                   JR Florida Southern            53.93 
  7  Mikalauskas, Marius           SO Grand Valley                53.96 
  8  Chavez, Miguel                SR Missouri S & T              54.01 
  9  Oliver, Michael               SR West Chester                54.06 
 10  Usbeck, Eric                  SR Bloomsburg                  54.09 
 11  Shcherbakov, Maksim           JR Fresno Pacific              54.11 
 12  Palazzo, Sasha                FR Wayne State                 54.11 
 13  Peach, Alexander              JR Delta State                 54.11 
 14  Yap, Shaun                    JR Saginaw Valley              54.14 
 15  Martin, Joseph                SR Lindenwood                  54.20 
 16  Hughes, Devyn                 SR Queens (NC)                 54.24 
 17  Flores, Jesus                 SO Drury                       54.29 
 18  Zarzecki, Bartosz             SR Indy                        54.45 
 19  Tolman, Eric                  FR Cal Baptist                 54.63 
 20  Leseure, Thomas               FR Indy                        54.69 
 21  Roman, Andrei                 FR Carson-Newman               54.74 
 22  Alarcia, Inigo                JR Queens (NC)                 54.83 
 23  Bedford, Joshua               JR Colorado Mesa               55.11 
 24  Zabudkin, Leo                 FR Wingate                     55.54

Women’s 200 Butterfly

Event 27  Women 200 Yard Butterfly
 Division II:  1:57.94  3/11/2016   Sofia Petrenko, Wingate                    
     Name                        Year School
  1  Kastigar, Hannah              JR Northern State            1:58.58 
  2  Gibson, Jessie                FR Simon Fraser              1:58.81 
  3  Lorda, Josephina              SO Queens (NC)               2:01.31 
  4  Tchernyshev, Kristina         SR Cal Baptist               2:01.47 
  5  Chacon, Courtney              SR Cal Baptist               2:01.68 
  6  DaCruz, Georgia               FR Queens (NC)               2:01.78 
  7  Deveny, Courtney              JR Nova S'eastern            2:01.92 
  8  Stillman, Ebba                FR Wingate                   2:02.03 
  9  Tombers, Melanie              SR Delta State               2:02.07 
 10  Marchuk, Oksana               FR Bridgeport                2:02.24 
 11  Basra, Bavindeep              JR Fresno Pacific            2:02.63 
 12  Stevens, Mckenzie             JR Queens (NC)               2:02.72 
 13  Kirchner, Lena                SR Lindenwood                2:02.72 
 14  Swistak, Lauren               SR Simon Fraser              2:02.74 
 15  Vinyard, Hannah               SR Lindenwood                2:02.80 
 16  Keithly, Meghan               FR West Chester              2:02.88 
 17  Bell, Emily                   SO NMU                       2:03.05 
 18  Oster, Caroline               SO Nova S'eastern            2:03.15 
 19  Meredith, Paige               SR Jewell                    2:03.26 
 20  Johansson, Vera               JR Drury                     2:03.29 
 21  Goebel, Melina                FR Grand Valley              2:03.57 
 22  Raybon, Lexy                  JR Carson-Newman             2:03.62 
 23  Pitt, Madeline                JR West Florida              2:03.81 
 24  Knippenberg, Charlotte        FR Wingate                   2:03.92 
 25  Horsman, Victoria             SO TAMPA                     2:04.20 
 26  Spalding, Isabelle            SO TAMPA                     2:04.37 
 27  Murray, Darian                FR Indy                      2:04.41 
 28  Kvitchenko, Anastasiia        JR Tiffin                    2:04.45 
 29  Bass, Taylor                  JR MSU Mankato               2:04.68 
 30  Baron, Linda                  JR Queens (NC)               2:04.76 
 31  Page, Kierstin                SR Delta State               2:04.93 
 32  Hansen, Grace                 SO Rollins                   2:05.23 
 33  Martinez, Rebeca              JR Saginaw Valley            2:05.24

Men’s 200 Butterfly

Event 28  Men 200 Yard Butterfly
 Division II:  1:42.96  3/13/2015   Matthew Josa, Queens (NC)                  
     Name                        Year School
  1  Kim, Jun Han                  SR Drury                     1:44.27 
  2  Kusch, Marius                 SO Queens (NC)               1:44.96 
  3  Hernandez, Gabriel            SR UCSD                      1:45.11 
  4  Bunner, Zach                  JR Queens (NC)               1:46.23 
  5  Vasquez, Cristian             SO Lindenwood                1:46.62 
  6  Quigley, Kian                 SO Lindenwood                1:46.82 
  7  Olsen, Rasmus                 SO Wayne State               1:47.34 
  8  Sickert, Thiago               SR Nova S'eastern            1:47.39 
  9  Averchenko, Aleksei           FR Fresno Pacific            1:47.43 
 10  Rodney, Sean                  FR TAMPA                     1:47.43 
 11  Wylder, Kevin                 JR UCSD                      1:47.47 
 12  Long, Eric                    SR West Chester              1:48.07 
 13  Lee, Gabriel                  JR Simon Fraser              1:48.12 
 14  Nunez-Alvarez, Antonio        SO Florida Southern          1:48.20 
 15  Martin, Niklas                SO Wingate                   1:48.52 
 16  Isidro, Matheus               FR Lindenwood                1:48.64 
 17  Shanel, William               JR Truman State              1:48.71 
 18  Davidov, Adi                  SO Florida Tech              1:48.74 
 19  Taske, Aaron                  FR Missouri S & T            1:48.82 
 20  Charlton, Adam                SO Delta State               1:48.89 
 21  Feiser, Samuel                JR Bloomsburg                1:48.95 
 22  Leonard, Ryan                 SO NMU                       1:49.29 
 23  Quiroga, Justin               SO Cal Baptist               1:49.30 
 24  Ribeiro, Joao                 FR Wayne State               1:49.64 
 25  Seo, Young Tae                SO Drury                     1:50.15 
 26  Radomski, Christopher         JR Colorado Mesa             1:50.68 
 27  Tse, Garrett                  SO UCSD                      1:50.89

Women’s 800 Free Relay

Event 30  Women 800 Yard Freestyle Relay
 Division II:  7:14.69  3/13/2015   Queens (NC)                                
                        Castro Ortega, Gordy, Stevens, Arakelian          
  1  Wingate                                                    7:19.50 
  2  Queens (NC)                                                7:19.90 
  3  Grand Valley                                               7:21.39 
  4  Delta State                                                7:22.70 
  5  Lindenwood                                                 7:23.03 
  6  Nova S'eastern                                             7:23.13 
  7  Bridgeport                                                 7:25.73 
  8  West Chester                                               7:27.03 
  9  Drury                                                      7:28.65 
 10  UCSD                                                       7:28.72 
 11  West Florida                                               7:28.96 
 12  Cal Baptist                                                7:29.13 
 13  Carson-Newman                                              7:29.18 
 14  Truman St.                                                 7:30.23 
 15  Simon Fraser                                               7:31.12 
 16  NMU                                                        7:31.26 
 17  TAMPA                                                      7:32.43 
 18  Henderson St.                                              7:33.41 
 19  CSU East Bay                                               7:33.56 
 20  Mines                                                      7:33.78 
 21  Indy                                                       7:33.78 
 22  Colorado Mesa                                              7:34.85 
 23  Florida Southern                                           7:35.47 
 24  St. Cloud St.-W                                            7:36.03 
 25  Lewis                                                      7:37.52 
 26  Wayne State                                                7:37.67 
 27  Bloomsburg                                                 7:38.35 
 28  Azusa Pacific                                              7:39.20 
 29  Northern State                                             7:40.32 
 30  Jewell                                                     7:41.00 
 31  MSU Mankato                                                7:41.57

Men’s 800 Free Relay

Event 31  Men 800 Yard Freestyle Relay
 Division II:  6:23.62  3/11/2016   Queens (NC)                                
                        Dreesens, Taylor, Arakelian, Cook-Weeks           
  1  Queens (NC)                                                6:25.36 
  2  Nova S'eastern                                             6:30.97 
  3  Missouri S & T                                             6:31.38 
  4  Cal Baptist                                                6:32.00 
  5  Colorado Mesa                                              6:32.44 
  6  Wingate                                                    6:33.22 
  7  Florida Southern                                           6:33.55 
  8  Drury                                                      6:33.91 
  9  Delta State                                                6:35.40 
 10  Florida Tech                                               6:35.87 
 11  Simon Fraser                                               6:35.99 
 12  Indy                                                       6:36.29 
 13  UCSD                                                       6:36.33 
 14  Henderson St.                                              6:37.12 
 15  Bridgeport                                                 6:38.45 
 16  West Chester                                               6:40.02 
 17  NMU                                                        6:40.12 
 18  Lindenwood                                                 6:40.49 
 19  Jewell                                                     6:40.50 
 20  TAMPA                                                      6:40.51 
 21  Grand Valley                                               6:40.89 
 22  Wayne State                                                6:42.22 
 23  Lewis                                                      6:42.98 
 24  Limestone                                                  6:43.09 
 25  McKendree                                                  6:45.57 
 26  Mines                                                      6:46.66 
 27  Bloomsburg                                                 6:47.35 
 28  Carson-Newman                                              6:47.46

Men’s 1-meter diving

Event 29  Men 1 mtr Diving
 Division II:  618.70  3/10/1994   Dario DiFazio, Oakland Univ                 
     Name                        Year School
  1  Gregory, Jared                JR Grand Valley                   NP 
  2  Staman, Payton                FR Indy                           NP 
  3  Parry, Zachary                JR Cal Baptist                    NP 
  4  Dalrymple, Brad               SO Grand Valley                   NP 
  5  Ricci, Jonas                  SO West Chester                   NP 
  6  Zylstra, Joshua               FR Indy                           NP 
  7  D'Ambrosia, Sage              JR Colorado Mesa                  NP 
  8  Gragg, Duston                 SR Fresno Pacific                 NP 
  9  Vest, Collin                  SR Clarion                        NP 
 10  Macomber, Noah                FR Colorado Mesa                  NP 
 11  Roy, Daniel                   JR West Chester                   NP 
 12  Gucwa, Joseph                 JR Grand Valley                   NP 
 13  Lemond, Salim                 JR So. Conn.                      NP 
 14  Ashwell, William              JR Delta State                    NP 
 15  Weesner, Kyle                 FR Delta State                    NP 
 16  Ibrahim, Moustafa             SO Queens (NY)                    NP 
 17  Chew, Garret                  SO Cal Baptist                    NP 
 18  Rotundo, Andrew               SR Cal Baptist                    NP

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Simon Yates attacks rivals to win Paris-Nice stage six

British rider Simon Yates takes his first victory of the season, as Julian Alaphilippe fights to keep his Paris-Nice overall lead

Simon Yates (Orica-Scott) launched a stinging solo attack during stage six of 2017 Paris-Nice on Friday to net the victory and move up into the top 10 overall.

Yates made his move on the climb-filled stage from a lead group of around 25 riders just before the summit of the second pass of the Col de Bourigaille with 18 kilomeres left to go. The remnants of the day’s eight-man escape group – Eduardo Sepulveda (Fortuneo) and Alessandro De Marchi (BMC) – had been caught just a couple of kilometres before.

None of the main favourites reacted to Yates’s move, including race leader Julian Alaphilippe (Quick-Step Floors). As Yates crested the climb and hit the twisting descent, he quickly built up a significant lead.

Despite a concerted chase behind from the favourites’ group led by Mikel Nieve (Team Sky) – working for Sergio Henao – and Nicolas Roche (BMC Racing) – working for Richie Porte – Yates continued to gain time.

>>> Paris-Nice 2017: Latest news, reports and info

By the base of the final 1.3km climb to Fayence, Yates had 45 seconds in hand.

As the chasers hit the climb, Porte was the first to attack, dragging Alaphilippe with him and with Henao in close attendance.

Porte and Alaphilippe faded as they reached the steepest section of the ascent, and were passed by Henao, who accelerated ahead – but it was too late for the Colombian national champion to overhaul Yates, as the British rider crossed the line with his hands in the air.

Henao came home for second place, 17 seconds behind Yates, with Porte settling for third at 26 seconds.

Alaphilippe staged a comeback aided by team-mate Dan Martin to finish in fourth place and retain his position in the yellow jersey. Martin appeared to sacrifice gaining any time for himself, waving Alaphilippe through to take the higher placing.

Alberto Contador (Trek-Segafredo) finished in eighth place, at 32 seconds, and now sits seventh overall.

Yates’s move means he now moves up to eighth overall, one minute and 37 seconds behind Alaphilippe. Having lost time in the weather-affected opening stages of the race, Yates said after the finish that he had to try something to claw back time.

“I said to myself why not, I have nothing to lose,” Yates explained. “If I get caught, I get caught. I tried and it worked.

“It’s one of the biggest races to do, one of the hardest. I’m sure happy to win again, my first of the season. I’m still quite far behind [on GC], so it will be hard to take the time back. We’ll see what happens.”

Yates will not have to wait long for another climbing challenge, as the race hits the highest point in its history on Saturday’s stage seven, with a finale atop the first category climb of Col de la Couillole. The 2017 edition of Paris-Nice concludes on Sunday, March 12.


Paris-Nice 2017, stage six: Aubagne to Fayence, 192 km
1. Simon Yates (GBr) Orica-Scott, in 4-37-51
2. Sergio Henao (Col) Team Sky, at 17 secs
3. Richie Porte (Aus) BMC Racing, at 26 secs
4. Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) Quick-Step Floors, at 29 secs
5. Daniel Martin (Irl) Quick-Step Floors, at same time
6. Jon Izagirre (Esp) Bahrain-Merida, at 32 secs
7. Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Astana
8. Alberto Contador (Esp) Trek-Segafredo
9. Ilnur Zakarin (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin
10. Tony Gallopin (Fra) Lotto-Soudal, all same time

General classification after stage six
1. Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) Quick-Step Floors, in 21-58-22
2. Tony Gallopin (Fra) Lotto-Soudal, at 36 secs
3. Sergio Henao (Col) Team Sky, at 46 secs
4. Gorka Izagirre (Esp) Movistar, at 57 secs
5. Daniel Martin (Irl) Quick-Step Floors, at 1-20
6. Ilnur Zakarin (Rus) Katusha-Alpecin, at 1-31
7. Alberto Contador (Esp) Trek-Segafredo, at 1-34
8. Simon Yates (GBr) Orica-Scott, at 1-37
9. Jon Izagirre (Esp) Bahrain-Merida, at 2-04
10. Warren Barguil (Fra) Team Sunweb, at 3-08

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