Meredith Rogers – First Class Summary (2 mins) – Level N/A

Today, Tucker came in for her session with me, her first session with me in this space. I’ve had sessions with her before a couple. Um, and I wanted her, I wanted her to use this time to learn or, or allow me to teach her how to work from a deeper place, a more integrated place, especially because she has that injury. So what she’s doing in her injury is she’s only using her external oblique. She’s not using her transfer. She’s not really connected to her pelvic floor. She’s not really connected to her breathing or she wasn’t before today.

We changed that a little bit today, but it’s going to take practice. So what we learned today, business instead of inhaling and exhaling through the throat, we learned to take more expansive inhales and exhales and allow the ribs to move, which is an important thing in that healing process. And in [inaudible] in general. And we taught her how to find her, the deeper muscles in her trunk, which was difficult for her to find. And I expect maybe a little bit tedious. Before Tucker came to see me today, I knew that she had this injury.

So what I needed to do as the teacher is I needed to check in with the physical therapist who diagnosed her with this broken rib. And I needed to get a more in depth vision of the things that Tucker and I needed to work on and was told and can see for myself that we need to work on building the deeper abdominal muscles that we need to not just be doing contractions of the external obliques for all abdominal work and that we needed to get more focus on the breath, stretching out the intercostal muscles. Cause we just sweat talker is doing right now as a habit. As she’s burying down, she’s closing down her intercostal muscles, which doesn’t allow for her to breathe through her ribs and doesn’t allow for her rib to be free or stretch away from the rib that it’s knocking against. So by checking in with the physical therapy, learning the contrary indications, knowing the things that I needed to work on in advance, I was able to come into this session with a plan. And I feel like that plan was executed quite nicely.

I feel that Tucker learned a lot. I feel that she will continue to integrate and, um, it was really fun just watching her change from the start to the finish. So, um, if that can happen in one session, I’m excited to see where we go from here.

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