Kaitlyn Dobler Wins Two Events to Begin Mt. Hood Speedo Sectionals

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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The 2018 Speedo Sectionals Series kicked off today in Mt. Hood, Ore. Kaitlyn Dobler began the meet, which will run July 12-15 at the Mount Hood Aquatics Center, with two individual victories.

Full results can be found on Meet Mobile – 2018 Speedo Sectionals – Mt Hood.

Women’s 800 Free

Sweet Home’s Lucia Davis won the meet’s first event, knocking off one second from her seed time in the women’s 800 free. She posted a time of 8:59.93 for the win as the only swimmer under the nine-minute mark.

Scottsdale’s Hayley Hill was second in 9:00.40 and 14-year-old Mia Rankin of Phoenix in 9:07.00.

Foothill’s Kathryn Shanley (9:08.26), Boise Y’s Maya Knutson (9:10.12), Scottsdale’s Irena Putikova (9:10.53), Corvallis’ Lindsey Soule (9:10.82) and Corvallis’ Francesca Criscione (9:18.07) also finished in the top eight.

Men’s 800 Free

Scottsdale’s Ellis Bohon cruised to first in the men’s 800 free, winning the event by over three seconds. He won in a time of 8:32.40.

Boise Y’s Gabriel Machado was the runner-up in 8:35.67 while Mount Hood’s Owen Ngan was third in 8:36.36.

Scottsdale’s Max Weed (8:38.72), Mesa’s Andrew Pocock (8:44.09), Scottsdale’s Jonathan Hostal (8:44.19), Wasatch’s Luke Harris (8:44.64) and Penguin’s Jared Graham (8:44.88) rounded out the top eight.

Women’s 100 Free

The Dolphins Portland’s Kaitlyn Dobler sprinted her way to first place in a close women’s 100 free battle. She finished with a final time of 56.48, over one second faster than her morning swim.

Scottsdale’s Ashley Strouse took a close second in 56.67 and Bainbridge’s Eleanor Beers finished third in 57.42.

RallySport’s Josiane Valette (57.48), Scottsdale’s Greer Pattison (57.73), Phoenix’s Quinn Murphy (57.85), Fort Collins’ Kylie Andrews (58.45) and Boise Y’s Emma Chard (58.95) completed the top eight.

Men’s 100 Free

Denver’s Samuel Heveroh dominated the men’s 100 free final, getting to the wall 1.5 seconds ahead of the runner-up. He won in time of 50.28.

Westide’s Jadan Nabor took a close second in 51.71 while RallySport’s Lukas Miller finished third in 51.85.

Denver’s Hugo Sykes (52.03), J Swim Club’s Matt Salig (52.11), Scottsdale’s Parker Hughes (52.32), Boise Y’s Thomas Roark (52.54) and Denver’s Kyle Robrock (52.91) finished fourth through eighth.

Women’s 200 Breast

Dobbler dropped over five seconds from her morning swim to take the women’s 200 breast crown. She got her hands to the wall in a new lifetime best of 2:31.32 – her second win of the night.

Second went to Flatiron’s Mary Codevilla in 2:35.11 and Boise Y’s Charity Pittard took third in 2:36.31.

Scottsdale’s Riley Courtney (2:36.66), Lake Oswego’s Eleanor Jew (2:37.27), Scottsdale’s Alyson Yancy (2:39.77), Scottsdale’s Sadie Edwards (2:40.23) and Tualatin Hills’ Jessica Maeda (2:41.59) rounded out the A final.

Men’s 200 Breast

It was a Phoenix sweep in the men’s 200 breast, led by Hiromasa Fujimori. He knocked off over four seconds from this morning to win the event tonight in 2:14.48.

His teammate and brother Takeharu Fukimori finished second in 2:16.15 while their teammate Zachary Tan was third in 2:19.12.

Multnomah’s Kevin Keil (2:21.76), Phoenix’s Patrick Schramm (2:21.85), Foothills’ Jack Moranetz (2:22.11), Valley’s Bryce Soriana (2:23.71) and Lobo’s Pierce Holler (2:25.14) completed the top flight.

Women’s 200 Back

Phoenix’s Emi Moronuki held consistent splits to earn the gold in the women’s 200 back. She stopped the clock in 2:14.06 for the title.

Westside’s Kennedy Noble grabbed the silver in 2:14.63 and Soule got the bronze in 2:18.08.

RallySport’s Katey Lewicki (2:18.66), Corvalls’ Felicia Anderson (2:19.90), Bend’s Elliyana Ferrin (2:20.60), Phoenix’s Kaitlyn McCoy (2:20.76) and Pattison (2:20.93) finished fourth through eighth.

Men’s 200 Back

Tucson Ford Dealers’ Issac Stump won the men’s 200 back in 2:02.57, three seconds ahead of the field. That’s a new personal best for him by just over a second.

Foothills’ Gavin Olson took second in 2:05.57 and Westside’s Jadon Nabor was third in 2:05.90.

South Davis’ Brandon Shreeve (2:07.20), Boise Y’s Nathan Quarterman (2:07.69), Boise Y’s Jackson Cunningham (2:07.80), Lake Oswego’s Curtis Klein (2:09.12) and Phoenix’s Zachary Tan (2:10.17) completed the top heat.

Women’s 200 Fly

Lake Oswego’s Mara Newman dropped three seconds from her morning swim to win the event in 2:17.78, a new lifetime best by nearly five seconds.

Flatiron’s Amelie Lessing was second in 2:18.15 and her teammate Lucille Matheson was third in 2:18.34.

Fourth through seventh went to Tualatin Hills’ Elizabeth Cook (2:19.89), Mesa’s Jaidyn Wolfe (2:20.10), Phoenix’s Sydney Carlson (2:20.28) and RallySport’s Josiane Valette (2:21.75).

Men’s 200 Fly

South Davis’ Cole Avery powered his way to a win in the night’s final individual event. He won with a time of 2:02.00.

Second place went to Salig in 2:03.50 and third place went to Wasatch’s Lucas Hess in 2:04.47.

Fujimori (2:05.59), RallySport’s Max Kreidl (2:06.92), Tualatin Hills’ Samuel Donchi (2:07.43), Team Eugene’s John Davidson (2:08.25) and Scottsdale’s Daniel Matheon (2:08.51) rounded out the A final.

Prelims for the second day of competition will begin tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. PDT.

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