Interview with Gretchen Rubin -How to Make Time for Running through Knowing Yourself Better

The month of February is often a time when many New Year’s resolutions end up abandoned by the wayside. And this can be a major happiness stumbling block if you had high hopes for accomplishing certain goals this year. This episode can help you gain new insight and motivation to continue pursuing your running and fitness goals. And to help us dive deeper into this subject we were excited to welcome back Gretchen Rubin.

Gretchen is the author of multiple New York Times bestselling books like The Happiness Project, and Better Than Before. Her books have been so helpful and I consider her my personal happiness guru. I know you will enjoy this interview as we talk about some key productivity tips for busy people who want to pursue marathon training!

Questions you will hear discussed . . .

  1. Why is it so hard to make time for certain habits (like running) when we know they’ll end up making us happy?
  2. We all know people who are very gung ho about training if they’re signed up for a marathon and then the rest of the year they slide back into not running at all. How can people look beyond the finish line to focus on making exercise a habit for life?
  3. You written about the Strategy of Convenience. Can you explain this strategy and how it would help with something like making time for regular exercise?
  4. Another concept that I thought was very helpful to removing barriers to exercise was un-pairing. Talk about what this means and how un-pairing can be used to remove excuses.
  5. Is the idea of “finding balance” overrated?
  6. You’re working on a new book that dives deeper into the Four Tendencies which you talked about in Better Than Before (upholder, obligor, questioner, and rebel). For those who aren’t familiar with the Four Tendencies, what are they?
  7. How can people maximize their productivity and get things done with their natural tendency in mind?

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