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Angie and Trevor at Mumford and Sons Concert

In this episode we talk about our favorite races, hidden talents (or lack thereof), stories and reflections on what makes the marathon so special!

And in the quick tip segment we explain how to get to the root cause of a running injury.

At the time of this recording we are in the midst of moving from Missouri to Pennsylvania . . . so we are thankful to our friend Tina Muir for allowing us to replay this interview with us from her podcast Running For Real.

We’ve done guest interviews on a few dozens podcasts but Tina definitely asked us questions we’ve never before.

Hidden Talents?

  • Angie loves to play the piano although she refuses to perform in front of others. I play the guitar though I won’t call it a “talent”. I’m also a pretty good downhill skier.

How does it work to run MTA as husband and wife?

  • Recalling our interview with Gretchen Rubin and her teaching on the 4 tendencies, Angie is an upholder and I’m a rebel. As long as we understand what makes each other tick (and ticks each other off) we do fine. Angie is the running coach and content creator, I’m the technical guy behind MTA.

Most Unusual Marathons?

  • Angie picked the Shadow of the Giants 50k because of its foul mouthed, politically incorrect race director. I picked the Tupelo Marathon because their motto is “Trample the Weak Hurdle the Dead”.

Race headquarters at the Shadow of the Giants 50k. Going back to school reminded Trevor of his love of breaking rules.

Best Post Race Food at a Marathon?

  • Angie picked the Missoula Marathon which she remembers having a nice spread (watermelon) and the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY. I picked the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and make a special note that the Marine Corps Marathon had a Duncan Donut Hole aid station.

Toughest Marathon?

  • Without hesitation Angie chose the Leadville Trail Marathon -which starts at 10,000 feet and takes 30 minutes to go one mile. I chose the Tupelo Marathon (again) because of the beastly Mississippi heat in September.

Favorite Podcast Episode or Guest?

  • We love all the guests who’ve been on the show! Dr. Tim Noakes never fails to explode my brain. The Boston Marathon Race Recap was a popular one. Angie always enjoys speaking with Gretchen Rubin but she doesn’t listen to the finished episode because she doesn’t like to hear herself.

Moment that is Non-Instagramable?

  • On a recent run Angie stopped to use the bathroom at a park and got stung by a wasp nesting in the toilet paper roll! I had to DNS the 2015 Tupelo Marathon because of my achilles pain.

What Makes the Marathon So Special?

  1. The marathon still has the power to WOW people. That’s why it’s a popular bucket list goal
  2. It is a personal challenge that will reveal what’s inside you.
  3. Less than 1% of the population will ever run a marathon
  4. You can’t “wing it” like you could a 5k or even a half marathon
  5. Yet, it is a challenge that is within reach of most people if they desire it
  6. There are various motivations that lead people to the marathon that are equally valid
  7. To your non-running friends you will be viewed as super human if you run 26.2 miles

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Quick Tip: How to Get to the Root Cause of Injury

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