Niedra Gabriel – Release Facial Tension (25 mins) – Level 1

Unravel Your Body: with Niedra Gabriel

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Viktor Uygan – Linear Long Box (35 mins) – Level 2

You will find connections to your shoulders, hips, and spine in this Reformer workout with Viktor Uygan. He uses the Long Box in a non-traditional way, teaching basic movement patterns, changing the positions to access all parts of the body. He includes seated and standing work that will allow you to work on your alignment, balance, and control.

This is part of a longer workshop Viktor offers at his studio.

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Amy Havens – Rebalancing Mat (35 mins) – Level 2


Get back into basic connections with this Mat workout by Amy Havens. She has been away traveling so she uses the Fitness Ball to provide the support she needs to return to the Mat work. She also lets the ball inform her body of imbalances she may have so that she can reconnect to her center and open up her hips and back.

What You’ll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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