Bucknell Swimming and Diving Sanctioned for Inappropriate Conduct

The Bucknell University Department of Athletics & Recreation announced today that sanctions have been imposed against the Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving Teams, as well as certain individual student-athletes, for misconduct in violation of University policy and team expectations. Among the University’s findings are that both teams recently participated in an event at which underage members of the teams were provided alcohol, and, further, that the Men’s team has a tradition of circulating among themselves each fall a lewd, sexist and misogynistic email.

These sanctions were influenced by the fact that both programs recently ended a two-year probation for violations of a related nature. In fact, some of the misconduct for which the Men’s team and its members are being sanctioned occurred while the teams were on probation, demonstrating that the culture within the Men’s team continues to fall well short of the University’s expectations.

“I am profoundly disappointed with the actions of some members of our teams,” said head coach Dan Schinnerer. “This type of behavior runs counter to the values we work hard to instill. We are committed to the continued education of our student-athletes to help prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.”

As a result of this investigation, the Women’s team has been placed on a new one-year probation, and the Men’s team has been placed on a new two-year probation. During the probationary periods, the teams will be subject to ongoing educational programming, with a focus on topics specifically related to their respective violations. Further, all team activities must be approved by the Athletics Department, members of the team must seek Athletic Department approval before applying to live off-campus, and the teams’ 2017-18 winter training trip to Florida has been canceled.  All upper-class members of the Men’s team are suspended from the first two competitions of the season.

In addition to the team-wide sanctions, some members of both the Men’s and Women’s teams are subject to further sanctions, including suspension from a number of additional competitions and loss of leadership positions. Those additional sanctions are based on the roles each individual played in the misconduct. These sanctions do not preclude further disciplinary action by the Dean of Students for violation of the Bucknell University Code of Conduct.

“The poor behavior exhibited by some members of these programs is simply unacceptable,” said Director of Athletics & Recreation John Hardt. “This conduct is particularly frustrating given that it comes during a period of unprecedented educational initiatives for members of both teams. Despite this disappointing set of events, we remain committed to our ongoing efforts to educate our more than 700 student-athletes in areas of leadership and personal values.”

Press release courtesy of Bucknell University.

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