Barrington Swim Club Distance Depth Secures Them Team Title at 2018 Speedo Sectionals Pleasant Prairie

Photo Courtesy: Barrington Swim Club Facebook

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The 2018 Spring Speedo Sectionals series stop at Pleasant Prairie, WI finished up Sunday event, with competition in the 1500-meter freestyle, 200-meter backstroke, 50-meter freestyle, 200-meter butterfly, and 400-meter freestyle relay.

Phoenix Swimming headed into the evening leading in team point totals over Barrington Swim Club and Colorado Stars, but Barrington’s distance depth helped them secure the team title for the weekend with 880.5 points. Phoenix Swimming remained solidly in second place with a team point total of 769 to third-place Colorado Stars’ total of 634.

Women’s 1500 Freestyle

The distance event of the evening saw familiar faces, with the same two swimmers touching 1-2 in the 1500 that did in the 800. Emily Ecker of Portland Porpoise Swim Club won the event with a 17:13.46, followed by Barrington Swim Club’s Maggie Emary in 17:19.14. Third place went to Eastern Iowa Swim Federation’s Meghan Susil with her time of 17:32.55.

Barrington Swim Club’s Bridget O’Leary finished fourth in 17:33.66, followed by Phoenix Swimming’s Allegra Walker in 17:59.64 for fifth.

Elizabeth Graves (18:00.35), Maria Pritchett (18:03.40), and Rebecca Galovich (18:03.51) of Barrington Swim Club finished sixth, seventh, and eighth, respectively.

Men’s 1500 Freestyle

Chicago Wolfpack’s Jacob Furlong and Blackhawk Area Swim Team’s Dylan Moffatt fought a close battle in the men’s 1500-meter freestyle to run away with the event, Furlong coming out on top with a time of 16:29.44. Runner-up Moffatt touched in 16:30.09.

Third place went to Portland Portpoise Swim Club’s Brimwin Peabody in 16:58.27. Elmhurst Swim Team’s Brendan Wagner touched fourth in 16:58.71.

Kadin Denner of Colorado Stars (17:06.15), Barrington Swim Club’s Daniel Emary (17:09.09), Colin Kilcoin of Piranhas Swim Club (17:10.31), and Barrington Swim Club’s Daryl Kay (17:17.71) also made it into the top eight.

Women’s 200 Backstroke

14-year-old Malia Francis of Woodson Y Northern won the women’s 200-meter backstroke by a wide margin, touching in 2:17.50 to best the rest of the field by over five seconds. Second place went to Longmont Swim Club’s Emma Svendsen in 2:22.57, while Trinity Gilbert of Pleasant Prairie Patriots touched in 2:23.02 for third.

Sophia Goushchina of Patriot Aquatic Club’s time of 2:23.12 was good for fourth place, while familiar face of Barrington Swim Club Maggie Emary touched in 2:23.33 for fifth place.

Margaret Wanezek of Elmbrook Swim Club put up a mark of 2:23.54 for sixth, followed by Patriot Aquatic Club’s Helena Blumenau in seventh with a 2:25.04. Teammate Ashley Carollo rounded out the top eight swimmers with her time of 2:25.41.

Men’s 200 Backstroke

Mundelein Mustang Swim Club’s Nicholas Jasinski bested Chicago Wolfpack’s Tadzio Kurka by 0.30 in a rare close race of the weekend, finishing in 2:09.30 for the win. Kurka touched in 2:09.60 for second place, followed by Des Moines Swimming Federation’s Connor Neils in 2:10.97 for third.

Fourth place went to Bloomington Normal Swim Club’s Andy Ritsema in 2:12.21, while Phoenix’s Jack Carignan was fifth in 2:13.81.

Carignan’s teammate Maxwell Reich touched in 2:14.17 for sixth place, followed by Woodson Y Northern’s Nolan Francis in 2:15.29 and Sioux Falls Swim Team’s Trever Brenner in 2:17.27 to complete the top heat.

Women’s 50 Free

100 freestyle winner and 200 freestyle finalist Maxine Parker of Cats swimming won the 50-meter free by almost a full second, sprinting to a first-place time of 25.95. Second place went to Grace Hanson of High Tides, followed by Sioux Falls Swim Team’s Corinne Pelzer in third with a 27.16.

Fourth place went to AquaStar’s Alexis Duchsherer in 27.39, followed by Patriot Aquatic Club’s Drew Petereit in 27.44.

Glenview Titan Aquatic Club’s Catherine Devine (27.59), Dubuque Area Swimmin’ Hurricanes’ Anna Pfeiffer (27.60), and Barrington Swim Club’s Bridget O’Leary (27.77) also competed in the championship final.

Men’s 50 Free

Patriot Aquatic Club’s Topher Stensby also won the men’s event by almost a second, touching in 23.30 to second-place Justin Alderson. Alderson, of Peoria Area Water Wizards, stopped the clock in 24.24. Third place went to Blake Wilton of Colorado Stars in 24.40. Brenner, in his second event of the evening, finished fourth in 24.48.

Eastern Iowa Swim Federation’s Owen Miller sprinted to a fifth-place time of 24.81, while Niccolo Comini of Cats put up a sixth-place mark of 24.82.

Seventh place went to Kevin Burke of Piranhas Swim Club in 24.89, while Israel Lopez of Elgin Cyclones was eighth in the championship heat with a time of 25.16.

Women’s 200 Butterfly

Isabelle Pelka of Patriot Aquatic Club won the women’s 200-meter butterfly with a time of 2:20.51. Chicago Wolfpack’s Isabel Veliz stopped the clock in 2:23.64 for second place, followed by Patriot Aquatic Club’s Nicole Pinter in 2:24.54 to round out the podium.

Fourth place went to ULT’s Christina Kaufman in 2:27.36, followed by Barrington Swim Club’s Emma Pritchett in 2:27.59 for fifth.

ROCK’s Margarent Kroening was close behind in sixth place with a mark of 2:27.82, while Colorado Stars’ Annelise Thomas took seventh in 2:30.87. Jennifer Tracy, swimming unattached, put up a time of 2:31.39, good for eighth in the event.

Men’s 200 Butterfly

Riley Darling of Green Bay Swim Club won the men’s 200-meter fly in 2:06.51. Chicago Wolfpack’s Bence Szabados was not far behind to win the silver medal in 2:06.45. Bronze went to Quinn Loughran of Glenview Titan Aquatic Club in 2:08.02.

Dillon Stangeland, swimming unattached, went 2:08.58 to nab fourth place, ahead of Fond Du Lac Swim Club’s Andrew Rodriguez and his fifth-place time of 2:12.33.

Maxim Ryaguzov of Patriot Aquatic Club’s time of 2:16.28 was good for sixth place, while Wilton finished in 2:16.39 for seventh. Daniel Allard of Pleasant Prairie Patriots finished eighth in the championship heat with a time of 2:16.72 to complete the individual events of the evening.

Women’s 400 Freestyle Relay

Cats Aquatic Team placed first in the women’s 400m freestyle relay, as Parker, Alexsandra Skatchkov, Megan Wong, and Alyssa Church put together a time of 4:00.69.

Second place went to Catherine Devine, Diana Capota, Kate Solem, and Alexis Kachkin of Glenview Titan Aquatic Club in 4:02.41.

Barrington Swim Club’s O’Leary, Galovich, Tea Ragnini, and Emary took the bronze in the relay event with their combined time of 4:03.59.

High Tides (4:04.16), Sea Devils (4:04.90), Phoenix Swimming (4:05.30), Sioux Falls Swim Team (4:06.77), and Colorado Stars (4:07.10) also placed in the top eight of relay teams.

Men’s 400 Freestyle Relay

Colorado Stars’ relay team of Hyunsoo Jang, Jordan Scott, Tylen Phillips, and Wilton took the gold in the men’s 400-meter freestyle relay in 3:36.46.

Cats’ Daniel Ng, Austin Stevenson, Ethan Batko, and Comini were close behind in 3:38.06 to drop six and a half seconds from their seed time and jump from fifth seed to the silver medal.

The bronze went to Michael Hadjilvanov, Loughran, Sami Moussally, and Jacob Shapiro of Glenview Titan Aquatic Club in 3:38.84.

Blackline Aquatics placed fourth in 3:41.45, followed by Northern Lights Swimming Association in 3:43.48 for fifth-place honors.

Black Hawk Area Swim Team (3:44.04), Sioux Falls Swim Team (3:44.66), and Piranhas Swim Club (3:45.39) rounded out the top eight relays.

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