Alaphilippe continues to lead UCI World Rankings after Dauphine and Suisse

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Wozniacki wins but world number one Barty withdraws at Eastbourne

Barty holds up the Birmingham trophy

Eastbourne on the BBC
Venue: Devonshire Park, Eastbourne Dates: 23-29 June
Coverage: Watch live on BBC Two, Connected TVs and BBC Sport website and app; follow live text commentary on selected matches. Full details.

Defending champion Caroline Wozniacki won in the Nature Valley International first round at Eastbourne, but new world number one Ashleigh Barty has withdrawn with a right arm injury.

World number 14 Wozniacki, 28, beat Belgium’s Kirsten Flipkens 6-3 6-4.

Australia’s Barty won the Birmingham title on Sunday to top the rankings, but said she must “rest and recover” before Wimbledon starts on 1 July.

Denmark’s Wozniacki will play German Andrea Petkovic in the second round.

“It’s an injury we’ve had to manage since I was 16 years old,” explained Barty, who won her first singles Grand Slam at the French Open earlier this month.

“When I have a spike in load it comes up – it’s a bone stress injury and I need to look after it, particularly in these first few days. We know how to manage it but it’s important to get on top of it straight away.”

Julia Gorges, a Wimbledon semi-finalist last year, has withdrawn through illness, along with world number 12 Anastasija Sevastova, who is out with a right thigh injury.

The British challenge

After his doubles triumph at Queen’s on Sunday, Andy Murray will play at Eastbourne with Brazilian Marcelo Melo – their match will start after 16:00 BST on Tuesday.

British number one Johanna Konta won her first-round match against Ukrainian qualifier Dayana Yastremska on Sunday, and will play Greece’s Maria Sakkari next.

Meanwhile, British men’s number one Kyle Edmund received a bye in the first round and will face either compatriot Cameron Norrie or France’s Jeremy Chardy in the second round.

Norrie was 3-0 up against the Frenchman on Monday when play was suspended for the day because of rain.

Teenager Paul Jubb, who has a wildcard for the Wimbledon main draw and was playing in his first ATP Tour-level event at Eastbourne, lost 6-2 6-3 to world number 42 Taylor Fritz.

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Body Care, Mobility, and Recovery with Alex Ellis

Faster recovery is intoxicating to runners because it means we can then train harder (and get faster!). But how can we boost our recovery abilities?

Child Running

Last year, I became fascinated (though not entirely surprised by) a study that claimed children recover like elite endurance athletes.

Their muscles resist fatigue from high-intensity exercise and their post-exercise rate of recovery is through the roof. Their heart rate recovers faster than trained adults and they’re better at removing lactate from the blood.

Incredible! Maybe that’s why my kids can play on the obstacle courses I build for hours…

But how can us grown-ups get these benefits?

In short, we can’t. We don’t have the hormonal profile of an 11-year old nor can we decide how much of our aerobic metabolism to use while running (though that metric can be improved!).

But we can optimize our recovery and training to maximize both and minimize the risk of injury. That winning combination will help us achieve our potential.

To help make sense of the complicated art of recovery and caring for our bodies, I spoke with Alexandra Ellis for the 100th episode of the Strength Running Podcast.

To celebrate our 100th episode, I invite you to take a short (3-question) survey to help us make it better. I really appreciate it.

Alex Ellis: The Body Geek

Alex Ellis

Alex is a polymath, having studied and worked in many different areas of exercise science, fitness, and coaching.

She has a degree in Exercise Biology and has amassed nearly 1,000 hours of yoga training. Alex also has additional education in:

  • Human Dissection (of course, this was the first thing we talked about)
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • Movement education with Sarah Court, DPT
  • Regeneration Techniques workshop completion through NSCA

As you can see, she has experiences that most coaches would envy (human dissection and NSCA training in particular).

And I’m always looking for new perspectives that will help us improve our running. Alex delivers in a fun episode that highlights her knowledge about the body, movement, recovery, and injuries.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • What did she learn from dissecting human cadavers?
  • The physiological, biomechanical, and behavioral aspects of her Exercise Biology degree
  • What she learned from CrossFit Mobility that will help runners
  • How to incorporate a daily mobility practice into your life
  • The pros and cons of different massage tools (foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and even Graston tools)
  • How to prevent and treat rolled ankles
  • What she means when she says, “If stretching ain’t helping, start building strength.”

Subscribe to the Strength Running Podcast in iTunesSpotify, or Stitcher.

Show Notes & Resources

Thank you Alex for coming on the Strength Running Podcast and sharing your wisdom!

Please also take our very short podcast survey to help us improve, get the guests YOU want, and talk about relevant topics to your running. I appreciate you.

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Scotland’s MacIntyre qualifies for The Open at Portrush

Robert MacIntyre

Scotland’s Robert MacIntyre has qualified for the Open Championship in his debut season on the European Tour.

The Oban player is 15th in the Race to Dubai, with places for Royal Portrush given on Sunday to the first five names in the top 20 not already qualified.

The 22-year-old joins fellow Scots Paul Lawrie and Russell Knox in the field.

MacIntyre’s second-place finishes at the British Masters and the Made in Denmark tournaments helped him to that healthy position in the rankings.

He played all four rounds of last week’s BMW International Open in Germany, meaning he has made 14 cuts in the 16 tournaments he has played in this season.

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