Caroline Wozniacki announces she will retire after Australian Open

Caroline Wozniacki

Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki has announced she will retire after the Australian Open in January.

The 29-year-old is currently ranked 37th in the world and last competed in the China Open in October.

Wozniacki, who enrolled at Harvard Business School in September, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2018.

However, the Dane says her retirement has “nothing to do with my health and this isn’t a goodbye”.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the 2018 Australian Open champion says she plans to focus on her life away from tennis, including plans to start a family with her New York Knicks player husband David Lee.

Wozniacki’s career includes 30 WTA singles titles, reaching world number one in 2010, a WTA Finals victory and competing in three Olympics.

“I’ve always told myself, when the time comes, that there are things away from tennis that I want to do more, then it’s time to be done. In recent months, I’ve realised that there is a lot more in life that I’d like to accomplish off the court,” she wrote.

“I’ve played professionally since I was 15 years old and in that time I’ve experienced an amazing first chapter of my life… [and] I’ve accomplished everything I could ever dream of on the court.”

“Getting married to David was one of those goals and starting a family with him while continuing to travel the world and helping raise awareness about rheumatoid arthritis are all passions of mine moving forward.”

Signing off her statement, Wozniacki said: “I want to thank with all my heart, the fans, my friends, my sponsors, my team, especially my father as my coach, my husband, and my family for decades of support… without all of you I could have never have done this.”

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Kathryn Ross-Nash – Reformer Fundamentals 6 (15 mins) – Level 1/2

Hi, I’m Kathy Ross Nash and we are doing foundational reformer number six, the flowing classical reformer. This is what we’ve been building up to for the entire workout. We’re going to move through this. I’m going to try to behave and describe what’s going on while we’re doing it and keep things moving. You’re going to begin by standing by the side of your apparatus, right where the bed and this ends and begins.

You’ll have it on three Springs or four Springs depending on the tension up your Springs. You’re going to fold your arms fingertip to elbow. You’re going to lift yourself down. One seat is on the carriage, one is off. Without using your hands, you swing your legs over and roll into position. Drawing your feet to the center of the apparatus.

The heels meet in line with the tailbone. The knees are shoulders with apart in line with the alignment of your heels. Your center of your foot arms are relaxed and down chest is open. Powerhouse is lifted, and we’re going to do 10 of each footwork pressing through the entire ball of the foot. One. Inhaling, exhaling. Inhale for two. Exhale for two.

Inhale for two. Exhale for too. Last set. Inhale for two. Exhale for two. [inaudible] small double leg change. Inhale for two heels together. Knees together, balls of the feet together. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Last set. Inhale. Exhale. More. Double leg pulled to change.

Place your heels on. Inhale, pull those toes back. Exhale for two. The feet are flat as if standing on the floor. The heels press together, the balls and the feet press together. The chest is relaxed, the breath is deep and easy, not in the throat, but along the back of the ribs.

And last one, small double leg pulled back to the first foot position. Glue your heels arrive deep and deep and lift up. Up, down, down, down, up, up, up deep and deep in. Lift up, up, down, deep in deep, but lift the kneecaps up. Up, down. Two, three, up to three. Up, up, up, down. Two, three, up, up, up. Bend in hook. Take your handles. Stretch. Press into your hundred. Inhale to four. Five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five, three, four, five. Exhale, squeeze the lungs out and fill the lungs up and out and inhale and exhale. Reaching out of the legs. Reach through the fingers, fill the lungs up, feel the back of the body fill. Exhale, scoop the stomach in it. Inhale, open the chest. More.

Exhale, reach the headphone forward. No tension in the legs. Press the heels together, the two legs becoming one deep. Reach through. Bend your knees. Two handles into one teaser up. Choose Springs off two Springs on. Step to the back.

Loop the straps on your arm loop through. Hook onto your arm. Luke through metal on the outside. Leather on the inside. Always hooks on the outside with the metal handles through keeping all the metal on the outside. Turn fluid right into position.

Roll down simultaneously preparing your straps for your feet. Press out circle. Keep pressing in the strap. Open the chest. Smooth even circles. Seamless rivers down one. Push through the strap. Don’t release it as they rise. Keep pushing out, pulling the stomach up as the legs lower.

Incorporate everything that you’ve built to glue the heels together. Bend in the knees. Stay in line with the strap. They will guide you. Make sure that the straps move evenly, and even as you bend your knees, you’re pushing into the strap, pushing into the strap. Bend the knees, extend the legs back up over the head. Two straps come off at the same time. Bend the knees in, roll up. Bring your foot bar up. Add a spring.

Take your pad, lace it long ways towards the end of the carriage. Sit. Roll right up into your stomach. Massage position out lower. Lift to lower lift. Three lower lift for the heels. Stay quiet as you come in. The knees go right in between the shoulders and the ears.

The hips and shoulders are in one line on three Springs. Take your hands back. Open the chest out. Lower lift and one lower. Lift into soft elbows. Three, four, five, six [inaudible] seven glue those heels. Don’t let those ankle bones touch nine and 10 keep it moving. Two hands reached down. Two hands. Reach up, down, lift up, up, up to lift. Up, up, up. Three. Lift up, up, up. Swing your legs over. Take your foot bar down. Take your headpiece down.

Use your box to lift your box. Place the pad one hands with away. Put your bar feet go right underneath the double strap. Press out, pushed with the heels. Hand around the waist. Roll the low back back holding curl up and over. One low back, back. Elbows. Draw down towards the knees to come back up.

Draw your elbows towards your knees. Push through your feet. Pull the stomach back. Draw the elbows towards your knees. Take your bar. Reach forward. Hinge center. Reach up center.

Reach up center slightly in front for side to side. Reach up over two, three up to three. Anchor the left. Tip up to over. Two, three up. Three over two, three up, three over two, three up twist and center. Lift, twist and grow taller. Get taller, each rotation left and center. Lift and center all your fingers in one plane and center. Take the bar underneath. Hug the right leg up into your chest.

Sit up tall, throat away. Not a big deal. Leave it up. Flex point, flex point, flex point. Walk to the ankle, head to the knee. Take it up. Stretch, bend your elbows, stretch, shave, head to the knee, right to that inside of the knee, and then lift your back up your leg, up, up, up. Flex. Pick your Apple. [inaudible] bend in other side.

Engage that strap hip comes forward. Glue it in one. Lift the back to lift the back. Three flex point. Flex point, flex. Walk to the ankle. Box stays. Square head goes to the inside of the knee. Go back, stretch, blatant stretch. Pull it in. Stretch. Pull it in.

Lift the back up, up, up, up, up. Point. Lengthen. Shave on the top. When you pick your Apple, bend the knee, hug it in off foot. Bar goes up. Strap and pull in the center box goes off. Turn. Now we’re going to come for the elephant. Hint, foot straight like hand. Foot.

Chose up in one into in three, in four, in five feet. Go back all the way back. Knees to the carriage. Ten one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 rivers. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 Roundy’s off. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 at a spring. Lay down to run. Nice and easy. You worked hard.

The beautiful thing is is that you build that reformer to 1520 minutes. No longer spend 1520 minutes on your reformer, 1520 minutes on your mat, and then another 10 minutes working the system throughout your studio. Why position out in N two three in M, four inN , five inN , six in N seven and N eight in N nine N 10 in in draw your legs together. Take one spring off, single leg up. Press lower lift. Come in, open the chest, reach it.

Lower lift, open the chest, scoop the stomach. Lower lift. Oh, pin the chest, scoop back. Remember, you don’t have to add that lower and lift. I do because we need ankle strength and stretch and we do it at the Swedish bar at this level, right? You go to the back of the ladder barrel, you go to the Swedish bars and we do the lower end lift. So we work on the ankle stability and strength and alignment. Stretch, lower lift one glorious stretch forward.

Open the chest, open the hip, and good.

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Reed leads by three in the Bahamas as Woods moves into contention

Patrick Reed

Hero World Challenge second-round leaderboard
-12 P Reed; -9 G Woodland; -8 H Stenson (Swe), J Rahm (Spa); -6 T Woods, J Thomas, R Fowler; -5 J Rose (Eng)
Selected others: -3 M Kuchar; +1 J Spieth, B Watson
Full leaderboard

American Patrick Reed holds a three-shot lead after the second round of the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

Reed hit a second successive six-under 66 to lead on 12-under, three clear of compatriot Gary Woodland.

Tiger Woods, who hosts the tournament, also carded a 66 to move into a tie for fifth on five under.

He is a shot behind Sweden’s Henrik Stenson and Spain’s Jon Rahm, and level with fellow Americans Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler.

England’s Justin Rose is the only British player in the 18-strong field and is eighth on five-under.

Leader Reed said: “I feel good. “I feel like the game’s a lot more clearer than it was earlier this year.

“I’m giving myself opportunities and the putter’s working.”

The event is held for the benefit of Woods’ charitable foundation.

The 15-time major winner, who hit a level-par 72 in the first round, said: “Yesterday was tough with the wind blowing, especially with the putts.

“But today was a little less windy, the ball was flying and I got after it.”

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